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CHILD PHOTOGRAPHY (Enchanted Fairies)

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Do you feel you have plenty of photographs with a plain blue or white background? Do you want something different from what you would receive at a traditional photo studio? Something a bit more personal and unique piece of art for your wall? Here is another popular theme that girls like to do here. – Enchanted little fairies –  The dresses, wings and props are all supplied in my studio. You only need to bring the fairies.

The backgrounds can be as advanced or simple as you wish. We illustrate what you as our customer demand. We also take photos outdoors and on location. Welcome to the magical world of enchanted little fairies.

Photography: Tallee Savage
Graphic Design: Mattias Savage

Linnea Ehrencrona is 9 years old. She is wearing a dress i made for my daughter year ago.
Her family is one of our biggest customers. They come back every year with new exiting ideas.

These two adorable girls are sisters. Melinda 7  and Mirjam 4 . Dresses and wings are from L.A

This little sweet heart’s name is Tilly and she is three years old.

Lovisa is 6 years old and Olivia is 4 years old

More can be seen on my webpage under “child photography”

For more information and booking please contact me on my mail

Child photography

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I really love to photograph children. They are so cute and unpredictable. You never know what they will do from one second to another. The studio is their stage and I’m just a spectator. I feel very lucky to be one of the persons to spend time with all these children and preserve the moment by taking photos that will create wonderful memories and lots of smiles in the future :)

When children visit my studio with their parents, we usually have a theme ready. Of course there is a lot of thought and planning behind each photo session. But most children like to dress up and they can either find a costume in our studio or bring clothes of their own. It can range from just about anything: Elves, fairies, cowboys, clown, princesses, indians, pirates, ballerinas, rockers, sport photography. Imagination runs wild!

Here I present three different themes. Tomorrow I will show you more!

Photographer: Tallee Savage
Graphic Designer: Mattias Savage


Victor’s dad contacted me. He wanted me to take pictures of his boys, to give to their mom as a present. We had a few themes we did on the same occasion, but this was one of them.  Victor Metz told me to crank up some Michael Jackson music and then he just rocked it. Oh boy, did this kid have all the right moves. I was stunned to say the least. A professional dancer at the age of nine. The boy was amazing!

The other boy with the guitar is my sweet nephew Zack. He likes to play ice hockey and video games. So cute and full of energy.

– Click pics to enlarge –


The first one is beautiful Bella portraying a Russian princess playing in her huge garden full of crystal snow flakes. A magical winter wonderland. I love her smile on the first picture.

– Click pics to enlarge –


Not ALL boys like sports. Although I have never seen a boy ignore a ball in a room for more than a second. Anyway I don’t like these stereotype roles. I like sports and my daughter has played ice hockey with the boys for years. Here are some boys introducing their favorite sports.

• Elias 8 years old, playing for IFK Salem •

• Philip Metz representing his football team Club Boo • My sweet nephew, 2 years old.

That is all for today : ) Tomorrow I will show you all some more themes I have done with children.

More can be seen on my webpage under “child photography”

For more information and booking please contact me on my mail

Amanda’s Bachelorette Party

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My youngest sister is soon to be married and this is what we did on her “last night out”.

(Pictures are taken by different girls and cameras and mobile phones. Sorry about the quality).

Waiting, hiding and lurking … We found out that my sis was going to the gym. So we invaded a coffe shop nearby and waited patiently for her to walk by. Finally we saw her… Walking with determined steps, unknowingly of her destiny :)

Surprise, ha ha ha ha ha. She wasn’t really ready for this one! Cat ears, veil and a one-piece outfit properly on. The time is 11:00 and the camper with our driver (Kenneth “Hästen” Sjögren) was right outside waiting for us. Before adventures begins we gave her a good nutritious lunch.

Amanda is shining! Looking good in my daughter’s “one-piece”.

What the hell are they doing says someone? Well this is Curling! A sport invented in Scotland but dominated by the Canadians. Team consists of four players and you slide a 19 kilos granite stone down the ice. Sweepers use brooms to control the stone’s momentum and direction. Amanda did not expect this and neither did we to be frank. Seemed like a fun idea to try something new. Hey… Don’t laugh, it looks much easier than it is.

It was easy to divide the team. Half the group was blondes and half were dark haired. The “Bimbos vs the “Taco heads”  – Oh, and we won of course ;)

My sisters Cholla & Amanda
Back in the camper after the slippery experience. Party begins as the camper takes us to a new destination.


“A rich source of music and comedy that kept audiences in America laughing from 1840 through 1960”. In those days the very sight of a female body not covered by the “accepted costume” called attention to the entire question of the “place” of the woman in the American society.  Underdressed women playing sexual aggressors, combining good looks with impertinent comedy when proper women went to great lengths to hide their physical form beneath bustles, hoops and frills”( Written in “A history of The musical of Burlesque” by John Kenrick).

Don’t we just look fabulous? Posing like divas. Covered with feathers looking like colorful parrots, ha ha ha ha. A very flirty dance. So that was nice … but now we need to PARTY!

Madleine, Sara, Hanna, Tallee, Lisa, Nikki, Sue, Carin, Lotta with baby Emil, Sofie, AMANDA, Maria, Evelyn

Cholla, Amanda and I (My sisters)

Amanda giving us a private dance performance!

Tallee , Burlesque teacher Duchess and Carin

Sofie & Sara

Sara & Sue   ———    Little baby Emil Levén-Fischer – The only boy allowed in the room :)

Sofie, Sara and Carin

Trala  – la – la- la

Legs, Legs, Legs ;)

Blondes have more fun! Or at least they think they do : ) He he he he.

Our private cook Josefin showing and explaining to us what she has made for dinner. My God, you guys… Food was so delicious. And it was all vegetarian. I was so happy with all the effort and heart she put into this food, and we all loved it!

Dinner at my place!

Looks like Anna wants to dance with Amanda. So we took our plan to the next level had our driver take us to ROCKS. Rocking out and dancing like maniacs. Two minutes to midnight and party is only half way ;)

Sofie,  Madleine and Anna – Looooking good girls!

Carin and Sara are dancing. While Hanna and Madleine are enjoying a fruity drink.

This is the last photo I have from the evening. Time is 9:00 o’clock in the morning and we are still dancing. Crazy I now… but that is how my sisters and I am. And there is no drugs involved, mind you. Never was! Just a lot of energy, beer and party spirit! Thank you girls .. I HAD A BLAST ♥



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It seems we are forever riding the ups and downs of life. One moment we see the rainbow and sunshine and the next moment they come crashing down. The emotional bounces and sometimes holes of darkness. It is tough to disclose too much about my personal life. Especially when there are other people involved. But I have noticed that life is about consistently being presented with situations that challenge, even if they seem impossible to cope with.

So many people around me that are unhappy and sad at the moment. For different reasons. I am not a psychologist, I don’t know how to handle depressed people. I am a good listener and I have a sympathetic ear. I try to give advice, but sometimes they have the opposite effect :(  Feelings are not always rational… I guess that is how emotions are. I want to help! I want my family and friends to be happy and to get a grip of life. And of course I wish for a better world for everyone. I guess what I am trying to say is that I wish I could help more, do more, understand more. I feel helpless sometimes and today I am a little bit tired.

I leave you with a picture we took in 2006 when we were in Bali. Most important in my life – My three children ♥

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