It seems we are forever riding the ups and downs of life. One moment we see the rainbow and sunshine and the next moment they come crashing down. The emotional bounces and sometimes holes of darkness. It is tough to disclose too much about my personal life. Especially when there are other people involved. But I have noticed that life is about consistently being presented with situations that challenge, even if they seem impossible to cope with.

So many people around me that are unhappy and sad at the moment. For different reasons. I am not a psychologist, I don’t know how to handle depressed people. I am a good listener and I have a sympathetic ear. I try to give advice, but sometimes they have the opposite effect :(  Feelings are not always rational… I guess that is how emotions are. I want to help! I want my family and friends to be happy and to get a grip of life. And of course I wish for a better world for everyone. I guess what I am trying to say is that I wish I could help more, do more, understand more. I feel helpless sometimes and today I am a little bit tired.

I leave you with a picture we took in 2006 when we were in Bali. Most important in my life – My three children ♥

2 Responses to “LIFE”

  1. Åh Tallee, du låter inte riktigt glad, det finns ingen i världen som kan se till att alla har det bra, Dom som har dej omkring sej måste ändå vara mycket nöjda, för du är en god människa, det behöver man inte känna dej länge för att märka!
    En styrke kram från Norr, Du är bra! Kramen.


  2. Tack så mycket Nettan, för de fina orden. Svårt att räcka till ibland … men jag är glad för min fina familj och goda vänner som du. Stor kram tillbaka :)


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