Child photography

I really love to photograph children. They are so cute and unpredictable. You never know what they will do from one second to another. The studio is their stage and I’m just a spectator. I feel very lucky to be one of the persons to spend time with all these children and preserve the moment by taking photos that will create wonderful memories and lots of smiles in the future :)

When children visit my studio with their parents, we usually have a theme ready. Of course there is a lot of thought and planning behind each photo session. But most children like to dress up and they can either find a costume in our studio or bring clothes of their own. It can range from just about anything: Elves, fairies, cowboys, clown, princesses, indians, pirates, ballerinas, rockers, sport photography. Imagination runs wild!

Here I present three different themes. Tomorrow I will show you more!

Photographer: Tallee Savage
Graphic Designer: Mattias Savage


Victor’s dad contacted me. He wanted me to take pictures of his boys, to give to their mom as a present. We had a few themes we did on the same occasion, but this was one of them.  Victor Metz told me to crank up some Michael Jackson music and then he just rocked it. Oh boy, did this kid have all the right moves. I was stunned to say the least. A professional dancer at the age of nine. The boy was amazing!

The other boy with the guitar is my sweet nephew Zack. He likes to play ice hockey and video games. So cute and full of energy.

– Click pics to enlarge –


The first one is beautiful Bella portraying a Russian princess playing in her huge garden full of crystal snow flakes. A magical winter wonderland. I love her smile on the first picture.

– Click pics to enlarge –


Not ALL boys like sports. Although I have never seen a boy ignore a ball in a room for more than a second. Anyway I don’t like these stereotype roles. I like sports and my daughter has played ice hockey with the boys for years. Here are some boys introducing their favorite sports.

• Elias 8 years old, playing for IFK Salem •

• Philip Metz representing his football team Club Boo • My sweet nephew, 2 years old.

That is all for today : ) Tomorrow I will show you all some more themes I have done with children.

More can be seen on my webpage under “child photography”

For more information and booking please contact me on my mail

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