CHILD PHOTOGRAPHY (Enchanted Fairies)

Do you feel you have plenty of photographs with a plain blue or white background? Do you want something different from what you would receive at a traditional photo studio? Something a bit more personal and unique piece of art for your wall? Here is another popular theme that girls like to do here. – Enchanted little fairies –  The dresses, wings and props are all supplied in my studio. You only need to bring the fairies.

The backgrounds can be as advanced or simple as you wish. We illustrate what you as our customer demand. We also take photos outdoors and on location. Welcome to the magical world of enchanted little fairies.

Photography: Tallee Savage
Graphic Design: Mattias Savage

Linnea Ehrencrona is 9 years old. She is wearing a dress i made for my daughter year ago.
Her family is one of our biggest customers. They come back every year with new exiting ideas.

These two adorable girls are sisters. Melinda 7  and Mirjam 4 . Dresses and wings are from L.A

This little sweet heart’s name is Tilly and she is three years old.

Lovisa is 6 years old and Olivia is 4 years old

More can be seen on my webpage under “child photography”

For more information and booking please contact me on my mail

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