Queen Louisabeth I


Gustav Vasa, Reformation in Sweden, the Church of England gets separated from the Pope and the Catholic Church, The Portuguese arrived as first Europeans to Japan, Ivan IV (The Terrible) becomes Tsar of Russia, Queen Elizabeth I accesses the throne of England, English-Spanish war was fought, Nostradamus publishes his prophecies, William Shakespeare writes “Romeo & Juliet, Leonardo da Vinci paints the Mona Lisa, Michelangelo works on the paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, The Castle of Gripsholm in Sweden is completed, Christopher Columbus dies, Magellan sets out on history’s first leagues round the world, war, plague and witch-hunts. There are plenty of miseries and exciting stories to read about from the sixteenth Century (1500s).

But what about fashion? What did it look like over that century? Renaissance fashion ranging from the 1300s to the late 1500’s varies quite a lot depending on what year and what country it is. The Italians and the Germans were leading in fashion during the first half of the 1500s and the Spaniards during the last half of the century. The easiest way is perhaps to say “Tudor / Elizabethan era” in which the Spanish & French fashion still makes it self most characteristically in these pictures. With round rigid collar, cart-wheel ruffs, wide arms and multi-layered skirt to show her virtue.

During the Renaissance it became very fashionable to dye ones hair auburn and fair skin to show that they did not work or spend time outdoors. Cosmetics was also very popular among the wealthy. Elisabeth I wore Ceruse, a smooth white powder made from lead (causing lead poisoning). Vermillion was used as rouge on cheeks and lips.

The model for this project was obvious to me. Not because she has all the model attributes that you can wish for. But because of her charisma. I was looking for attitude and “eyes” for this shoot. The fact that Louise does not like to smile in pictures came very handy on this session. Thank you Louise, this came out exactly as I imagined and planned it!

Special thanks to my sister and Independent Kostym in Stockholm for the professional costume styling and props. The pictures here are taken against a grey background with a beauty dish and two strip lights as illumination. Last but not least,  thanks to Mattias for the perfectly fitting graphic work on Queen Louisabeth.


Model: Louise Ekroth
Photo & Make up: Tallee Savage
Graphics: Mattias Savage
Costume Stylist: Amanda Martinez / Independent Kostym

Cat in ruffled collar by Shauna Finn ………………. Queen Elisabeth I (1533-1603 • Reign: 1558-1603)

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  1. Fantastic photos!!


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