Camping at Rock Creek Lake

After a few weeks of hard work on the house, my cousin Robert and friend Steve had made plans for us to camp on  – Rock Lake Creek – A six-hour ride located in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California where the average elevation is around 9,000 feet = ca 3000 meters.

A terrain set against an exquisite backdrop of tall pines and snow-capped mountain peaks.

Adina, Matt, Rob, Pablo, Steve, Kristi, Elizia, River, Marianna, Denney, Cassidy

Kristi & River exhilarating the fresh air.

Kristi & Elizia with River.

My dear cousin Robert chillin’ in the hot mountain sun.

The hot springs everywhere where also a beautiful and interesting geothermal assets to look at. It was weird because you have to swim through ice-cold water to reach them. Some were cozy enough to sit in but some hot springs bubbled up like a scalding fumerole hot soup.

Kristi, my Cousin Robert and River                             Steve, Cassidy, Pablo, Kristi, Robert & Elizia

Adina with her daddy.                            Matt & Pablo enjoying a nice cold beer in the hot water.

Playing like kids in the mud.

Robert & River.                   Meeeeee….

Some places can be very dangerous because water feels nice but you are actually sitting on unstable 700 000 year old volcanic sediment that can collapse and burst at any time and boil you alive. I read that 14 people had lost there lifes there since 1968. So some areas where now fenced off for safety in this landscape, where Earth releases internal pressure, heat and natural substance.

Enjoying the view with my daughter Elizia.

Mattias & Robert

Not so far away we found the lake that gathered crystal clear water streaming down from the high mountains from melting glaciers.  Eeeeh … this water was cold, I mean ice-cold even for a tiny, little toe dip. My daughter Elizia got in right away … Of course, and stayed there for quite a while. But that is only because she was dolphin in earlier life or some kind of water mammal. Where there is water, there is Elizia!  The men got in right after her, but got up pretty fast and complained about balls being gone though. I hate cold water, why did the guys have to go in? Now I had to try too. eeeiiiyyy… Horrific feeling, as in body getting numb right away. I flew up fast and wrapped my body around the closest giant hot rock.

Elizia, Robert and Matt in the water.
Pablo and Adina on the rocks and trees.
I did get in the water …  but cats don’t like the water. Lying on a tree felt much better :)

Robert watching the grandeur of the mountains from the icy waters of Rock Creek Lake.

Elizia did a great job taking care of River.

My cousin’s wife Kristi. Beautiful human being and friend.


This was certainly a “5 Star Forest”. Every morning Chef Steve had breakfast ready for us
He also taught us all the proper and right way to clean a frying pan.

Forest was taken from a John Bauer painting. Beautiful, peaceful and sometimes very mystic. At daytime high air temp was nice. But at nights it got rather nippy, dropping below 56 degrees. (In celsius that would be around + 10°)
First night was hell. The whole family cuddled up tight with clothes and thick blankets but it was really unbearable.
Next night Steve was kind enough to lend us a tent heater. Lovely, now we could sleep … Almost … I thought I heard a bear out there …
The knowledge of this being an active bear area was both exiting and intimidating. The bear signs everywhere reminds you that you are just a visitor here. So what do you do if you see a bear? My friends on Facebook all had different suggestions. Some said to scream, others to run, to eat it or to hug it. But reading what the experts say there are no precise rules about what to do if you do encounter a bear. But still I could read about effective measures to follow; stay alert of your surroundings, avoid startling a bear, shrill or hight pitched noises attract them, avoid eye contact, move without running and so on.
Steve and Marianna Badalamente. Good friends of ours from Verdi, Nevada.

Danney with his little sister Cassidy.
I did do some model photography as well. I couldn’t lose out on all this wonderful locations.
I only had a little bit of make up for the purpose and a reflector screen. The reflector was a big help as the harsh light from the sun intensifies the contrast between light and shadows and that can be very unflattering. But I think Mama Marianna and her daughter Cassidy turned out great. It was extra fun too as Mari never ever uses make up. Exiting for her with a make over.


My daughter Elizia helping me out with the reflector screen during my photo session.

8 Responses to “Camping at Rock Creek Lake”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Breath-taking scenery Tallee… you are wonderful as always…
    I can easily understand the weird feeling of being in the territory of bears… with such a powerful nature all around, you just realize how tiny human beings are…


  2. Beautiful scenery! You know I love nature and camping. :-)


  3. Oehört vackert! Håller med Karin, detta är min kopp av te. Vi borde verkligen göra detta någon gång med familjen fast någonstans i sverige! Puss på er alla!


  4. Tallee,your pictures are breathtaking!What a beautiful place to camp in. Perfect surroundings for your personal model shots. Excellent! We have black bears stop in the yard all the time here in Conn….USA.They just eat some apples,break into the bird seed feeder then leave.You are brave camping out in the wild country.Glad it turned out to be a peaceful vacation for you all.


    • So glad you like the pictures Beverly :) It was really an amazing camping place.

      Oh how exciting to have black bears so close. Here where I live we have deer that stare at you with beautiful big eyes and we have hares of course. But nothing as exciting as black bears in my yard.


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