David Parland aka “Blackmoon”

David Parland aka “Blackmoon” is a Swedish guitarist, best known for his work in the bands Dark Funeral, Necrophobic and Infernal.

He was a member of Necrophobic from its inception in 1989, but quit the band in 1995 to concentrate on Dark Funeral, which he was one of the main founding members of in 1993. Prior to leaving Necrophobic he had, however, written most of the material for the next album. The album Darkside, with Parland’s material intact, was released by Necrophobic in 1997, although Parland himself did not participate as a musician on the album.
Parland also ran the small underground cult record label Hellspawn Records from 1994 to 2002 releasing albums from bands such as Abruptum and his own Dark Funeral, with distribution by House of Kicks, VME and Sound Pollution. After leaving Dark Funeral in 1996, Parland founded the bands War and Infernal. While having kept a low profile and not being actively involved in any bands since the second line-up of Infernal broke up in 2003, Parland announced in January 2009 that he was working on new material with drummer Tomas Asklund (Gorgoroth, Dissection, ex-Dark Funeral). In March 2009 it was revealed that the band would be a continuation of Parland’s old band Infernal. The same year Infernal parted ways for good with drummer Tomas Asklund.
INFERNAL are now preparing for the recording of the long-planned and awaited full-length album “THE INFERNAL RETRIBUTION”, but are at the moment looking for a pro Death/Black/Metal/Heavy Metal drummer for the recording of this album, intended to be out in mid. 2013.

•    Necrophobic – 1989-1995
•    Dark Funeral – 1993-1996
•    War – 1996-1998

Photo: Tallee Savage


Daniel Parland parland2

parland5-1 Daniel Parland


Some songs from the single  “The Infernal Returns

4 Responses to “David Parland aka “Blackmoon””

  1. corina valle Says:

    i like the imagen he look very good and the history is interesante


  2. Anne Birgersson Says:

    PLEASE, I need to be contacted about the photos. David is not longer alive and the family want to buy some of these photos. Anne


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