1920’s Inspiration

boop-1-betty-boop-25046793-340-425This is a 1920’s inspired photo shoot with Angi, a model I’ve worked frequently with. It is a conscious version of a modernized variant of the contemporary fashion. I  simply took what I had in my closet. I will show a more accurate 1920’s fashion shoot in february when my sister Amanda, who is a stylist,  is back from her honeymoon from South Africa. We did a collaboration with the magazine “Min Boudoir”, were we dove down into four different decades, 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s. We talk about the fashion of make up, clothes and accessories.  “Min Boudoir” is a Lifestyle magazine with focus on vintage, retro and burlesque. Out in shops in Sweden right now.  www.minboudoir.se

Personally I always tend to look back to the 1920’s for inspiration. The decade is fascinating in so many ways. The liberation of the conventional morality that the flapper girls laid the groundwork for generations down the line. They undoubtedly made waves in society by challenging the morals and standards.

Fashion was rebellious and sinful. Loose fit and revealing outfits with a dropped down waist, accessorize with lace, beads and fringes to attract attention. And the make up …aaah the make up, definitely my favorite of all eras. The pale white girl with big round dreamy eyes and a bright dark red little mouth.

This is my interpretation of a 1920’s Hollywood star. I hope you enjoy it. I bought both dresses in Los Angeles. The long dress almost made the total weight for one suit case. Extremely heavy and well-made dress from BlackTie and the short dress is from Maxazria.

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Photo & Make up: Tallee Savage
Model: Angelica Jansson

 angi1920-6 angi1920-5


angi1920-1 angi1920-4


© Savage Beauty - Tallee Savage


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