Yngwie Malmsteen – Såsom I Himmelen, Så Ock på Jorden

It has been over a month since the book “Såsom I Himmelen, Så Ock På Jorden” (“As Above, So Below”)  about Yngwie Malmsteen came out. The unauthorized  biography about his, adolescent years. School, hobbies, struggle, drugs, love. Who did he play with, how many hours a day? What influences did he have?  What possessed him to do the things he did? How did he finally make it? And what was he like before he became “Yngwie the guitar God”? Some people are fooled because of the way he appears and behaves. The tragic lack of humility maybe. But he is actually a very smart, funny and gentle guy.

I have kept my memories and diaries all of these years. Never had a reason to share or speak out really. But I changed my mind when Anders Tengner contacted me because I knew he would print out my words and nothing but nothing but the truth. Anders is a solid top rock journalist, actually the greatest one we have in Sweden and with an impeccable reputation and knowledge. Last but not least, he is a friend. Yngwie and me spent time at his apartment back in 1980/1981. He wasn’t at all after any dirt digging or rumor mongering. He simply wanted the truth and would not settle for any “maybies” or “approximate” dates. He made me empty my mothers whole cellar and attic to find the diaries to get exactly the right dates for all the things Yngwie did during the years we were together.

Still, I was nervous when the book finally came out. I was afraid of what I would read, what other people would say about him. Didn’t want my picture of him ripped to pieces nor his reputation slandered. What would his old close friends and prior band members say? The women he met after me. How bad was it? Would they bring all the dirt out to the open? So they did! Lots of very sad stories there. Very disturbing and depressing to read :(

But while I was reading it… I could not help thinking, that there are so many wonderful things also, that other people said and all the funny and crazy shit he did. I fold my self double laughing because I was there to experience it all and because he was just plain hilarious and fantastic! … Most of the time. It brought many personal memories back of course.

The part about our years together obviously moved people, because I have been inundated with beautiful messages and e-mails from strangers about my involvement in the book. I appreciate it very much that my words made some people understand a little bit more about the early years and parts of what was/is behind the character of Yngwie.

Take care and have a wonderful week :)

Oh … A lot of people are wondering if and when the book will come out in english. It sure will. I will keep you posted about the exact date!

Fittingly enough I also took the photo of Anders Tengner for the inlay of the book.

Anders Tegner – the author                        Yngwie & me in 1988 (Photo: Susann Almgren)

You can buy the book here (Swedish) >>>

22 Responses to “Yngwie Malmsteen – Såsom I Himmelen, Så Ock på Jorden”

  1. Hi Tallee,

    I found it very brave of you that you work together with Anders about Yngwie. I haven’t read the book yet,unfortunately i have to wait when it will be published in english. Somehow when i will read the book it will touches my heart. I’m also very curious what Yngwie has been written in his book?( or he might do some changes after he reads Anders book, you never know).how much truth will it be? We only can wait and see in 2013 when he will publish his book..
    I do have a totally other question,i hope you don’t mind that i ask you this.On some pictures you see he looks differently you can see his eyes changing.Can you explain what that is? If it is too personal i would understand.

    i wish you and your family all the best and i’m very pleased that you have a nice memory about Yngwie.

    Cheers Gaby.


    • Hello Gabby! You will be able to read it shortly I hope, as soon as it comes out in english. And yes, I think it will touch your heart. You will know what I mean when you read it.

      About his eyes changing. Well girl, we all get older ;) Maybe that is it. I am not sure. I do see he looks different from when we were a couple, but I don’t look the same either, so.


  2. That’s such a cool picture of you two!!!


  3. I believe i explain myself not proberly sometimes i see his eyes getting smaller and one eye bigger ( kind of a infection) perhaps that is the reason why he wears many glasses. And yes we all getting older and i do not look the same either :)


  4. Cool book and cool pic of you and “The man, the myth”.
    Looking forward to reading it!


  5. Anders Ringman Says:

    I haven’t read the book, but I hope I’ll get around to it some day. At any rate, it’s great to hear about your involvement. Anders Tengner is awesome, and so are you. ;)


  6. Hello Tallee, Bought the book last saturday here in Västerås, at Anders signing session. Already read all of the book, my picture of my old teenage hero Yngwie has changed..but he´s still a hero for me :) Like the parts that you have give input to, you´re without doubt, my favorite Yngwie girlfriend, a little bit sad that it ended….your relationship with Yngwie… I got a feeling that he was very happy with you…! Please say hello to Anders from me when you se him, we had a good talk last saturday, he´s a god guy! // Thomas


    • aaaw What a nice thing to say. Thank you Thomas :) I will tell Anders hello from you, yes!
      Have a beautiful weekend!


      • Beautiful weekend for you toTallee :) Have try to search, but do you know if Anders have a web page?
        He told med to give my thought on the book, on the facebook page…but Im not a facebook person :) Just wonder, was it so undramatical like the book says when you left Yngwie in 1984 and went home to Sweden? In his clothes I have been devistated =/


        • I don’t think Anders has a web page, no!

          My departure home was very dramatic, yes. If or when I write a book of my own I will tell more about that. But as for my feelings and part, the closure of our relationship was not until 1988.


          • Hi Tallee… I cant wait for the english version of that book… Really wanting to get into his life story…. Just to top it off for my passion of my favourite guitarist….Ah yes his eyes is bigger on 1 side… Discovered it through my personal meeting with him and pics of him….


          • Yes … And what a story it is! Thank you Azriel for your comment :)


  7. Hi Tallee, I just read the book and it moved me a lot. Especially the early years and his life troughout the 80s. I grew up in a small town in Sweden in the 70s and 80s and will never forget the first time I heard about Yngwie (his first solo album). Back then nobody knew anything really. Just what we read in Okej, Kerrang and magazines like it. Then I lost interest in late 80s and I was not too keen on reading this book but gave it chance. And I´m glad I did. I´m both sad and happy at the same time when thinking back on what I have been reading.

    Well all I wanted to say was that I found your website and wanted to tell you my feelings :)


  8. Hi Tallee, I got the English version yesterday and read the whole thing in 2 sittings. It was fascinating. I’ve worked with some of Yngwie’s people in the past so I know a lot of what the others said already, but I thank you for giving your account, which was in my opinion a huge contribution to the book in explaining his background. Your stories were told in such a respectful and non-threatening nostalgic way that I can’t fathom why the gypsies are so insecure about you or anyone from his past, since you’re all formative on the man and the musician they get to enjoy today.


  9. Vince Palamara Says:

    Tallee, the Yngwie book is outstanding and I greatly appreciated your comments and input. I just saw Yngwie perform back in April of this year (PIttsburgh, PA, USA) and he was even better than ever (my sixth time seeing him- twice in 1984, twice in 1985, once in 2001, and once in 2013)! Bless you O) P.S. I also saw Yngwie at a record signing in September 1985 with Andy Trueman and Greta


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