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Academy of Music and Business

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Andreas Carlsson takes another step in his career and starts an “Academy of Music and Business”  in the municipality of Tingsryd in the province of Småland here in Sweden. This will initially be an independent secondary school focusing on music and entrepreneurial training. Andreas is happily announcing that the first shovel in the ground will take place this spring for Sweden’s definitely by far the coolest music school and entrepreneurial campus EVER!

“If you are a talented musician, you should be able to walk right out into the business and music industry of today”. This school sounds like a dream to me. If you want to know more about it. Here are a few links ! :)

Academy of Music and Business >>

Facebook >>

Andreas talks about the school>> (Swedish folks, sorry)

tallee-signI took some pictures of Andreas with the campus jacket. They are published in a few magazines like Piraja and Sydsvensk Näringsliv etc.

Photo: Tallee Savage


AndreasCarlssonAMB-1 andreas-carlsson-back-crop


Alluring Joker

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Things might be getting a little bit sexy here. In fact, maybe she is too “sexy” to be an effective villain.  What do you think?

I finally met up with Jasmine to do a photo session after speaking about it for a few years.  She was perfect for my idea of an alluring and bizarre joker. Enjoy!

Model: Just Jaz

Photo, Styling and Make up: Tallee Savage
Graphics: Mattias Savage

© Savage Beauty - Tallee Savage

© Savage Beauty - Tallee Savage

© Savage Beauty - Tallee Savage

NYX, The Greek Goddess

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ART BY MICHAEL CALANDRA – Welcome to the world of fantasy and the illustrator of Heavy Metal Art.

I am very proud to show you a painting of me that the great artist Michael Calandra just finished. It is a commission for a lady that wanted a painting of  “Nyx, The Greek Goddess”. Michael said that I immediately came to mind when he got the order. The picture is original taken by photographer: Göran Magnusson

The work he does is primarily made with airbrush, acrylic paint, and colored pencils. Always creating images of a dark and haunting nature. You all should check out his web page. He does amazing work. I simply LOVE IT!

Michael’s fantasy work has been featured in many publications, including the iconic Heavy Metal Magazine, Visual Art Magazine, Airbrush Technique Magazine etc. He has appeared in numerous showroom, tutorials, galleries and books. Michael’s services were also enlisted by the american fantasy author and screenwriter George R. R. through Fantasy Flight Games to work on the series of game cards for “A Game of Thrones” role-playing game.

His work with Ten, Inc. is also well-known in the horror arena, as he worked with most of the original cast of the 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead to create cast signed movie posters and character vignettes. Michaels work can be found all over the world as book cover, cd covers, illustrations, private collections, calendars and licensed images. I will post more of his wonderful art here soon.tallee-sign

He resides in Sylvania, Ohio but his book (published by SQP Publishing), videos, paintings, and prints, are available at the artist’s website :


The work in progress. From the sketch to the painting of the layers and color details!


209220_10151209110984580_433886339_o  46396_10151391280124603_1092631928_n  534311_10151393092709603_1531688229_n

 163348_10151394763519603_1475936697_n 602667_10151254984639580_1087532495_n 184592_10151258047294580_1159866001_n

Lady in Red

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The new year has started well here in good ol’ Sweden. Well… I came down with a cold a few days ago, but that is nothing a “Little Savage” can’t handle. After a few days of Christmas relaxation I am back working again. My son Tim is back home after another year in Portugal, so my three little piglets are home with me again. Life feels good!

crossAbout today’s photos:  I had the styling in mind for a long time. A beautiful classy ball gown, dreamy long hair caressing the body, satin gloves and a garnet necklace suitable for a princess. Located in the mist of fantasy and darkness in an ancient castle, where else? With christmas around the corner, red seemed like the proper color for the tallee-signoccasion. This is Ella – The Lady in Red!

Photo & Styling: Tallee Savage
Graphics: Mattias Savage





Happy New Year

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We wish you all a sincere Happy New Year … filled with hope, health, prosperity, happiness, new opportunities and sparkling heartfelt Love.

Thank you “Whatever MC Stockholm” for a very nice evening!

happy new 2013

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