Academy of Music and Business

Andreas Carlsson takes another step in his career and starts an “Academy of Music and Business”  in the municipality of Tingsryd in the province of Småland here in Sweden. This will initially be an independent secondary school focusing on music and entrepreneurial training. Andreas is happily announcing that the first shovel in the ground will take place this spring for Sweden’s definitely by far the coolest music school and entrepreneurial campus EVER!

“If you are a talented musician, you should be able to walk right out into the business and music industry of today”. This school sounds like a dream to me. If you want to know more about it. Here are a few links ! :)

Academy of Music and Business >>

Facebook >>

Andreas talks about the school>> (Swedish folks, sorry)

tallee-signI took some pictures of Andreas with the campus jacket. They are published in a few magazines like Piraja and Sydsvensk Näringsliv etc.

Photo: Tallee Savage


AndreasCarlssonAMB-1 andreas-carlsson-back-crop


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