La Belle Époque

imagesThis is the second session I did with Zaan. She looked absolutely adorable in this outfit. Inspired from the looks of La Belle Époque. The word La Belle Époque is the french word for “Beautiful Era”. A period in French and Belgian history that began when the second French Empire collapsed in 1871 and lasted all the way to world war I. It was characterized by optimism, peace and prosperity, where new technology, literature, fashion, music were allowed to flourish. French imperialism was in its prime and was the cultural centre of global influence. However, the reality in parallel is that there was a large economic underclass who never experienced much of the Belle Époque wonderful life. Poverty, government corruption and conflicts with Catholic church were regular during the period. I could read on and on about this period… but there is no time. I have other work to attend to. Next blog post is Goth Lolita.

To read more about Zaann and see our other photo session. Go here >>>

Photo, make up and hair: Tallee Savage
Stylist: Amanda Martinez / Wardrobe: Independent Kostym
Graphics: Mattias Savage


© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage


© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage




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