Interview with Michael Schenker


Michael’s exceptional guitar playing has kept many people spellbound for over 40 years. He has inspired and influenced other guitar players for decades. Leaving delightful grins on the faces of millions of fans while we still today enjoy his extensive career with the Scorpions, through the immortal classic albums with British legends UFO, to his long going Michael Schenker Group solo achievements.
 The six-string axe-slinger is seemingly enthusiastic and eager to be a passenger as says: “The universe is driving and I tag along”, enjoying the new album “Temple of Rock” and life more than ever.
 Tallee Savage went down memory lane in a long chat with legendary Michael Schenker in an exclusive interview for Rocknytt. He talks about the album, Tour,  developments and expectations and also explains why he is celebrating the era of “Hand Made Rock”.

Read the whole interview on Rocknytt HERE >>

All Photos by: Tallee Savage  •  Graphics: Mattias Savage


© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage © Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

  © Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage Schenker-Savage2


Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock & Lovedrive Reunion Tour 2013 i Sverige.
Buy tickets HERE >>

Schenker-SunHill-Poster-1 Schenker-SunHill-Poster2XXX
Tour posters we made for Christer Wedin’s Sun Hill Production.

One Response to “Interview with Michael Schenker”

  1. Andrew Jamz Says:

    Thank you for the great interview with Michael Schenker! I rarely have much time to search out rock interviews but I am glad I came across this one. It is more in-depth than others I have come across before.

    I liked his thoughts regarding “handmade rock”, first time I’ve heard of this, and it made me think deeply on many levels.

    I have been a huge fan of Schenker, my biggest rock guitar influence, and really am fascinated by his evolution from wild string-bending 70s hippie kid to modern technical 2K shredder sensei (though we all know he is more into tone/melody/phrasing than shredding, lol), from Scorpions to UFO to MSG and all else he’s been involved in.

    From his total youthful romantic side on UFO’s “Lipstick Traces” and “Try Me”…his quick strike scorching double stop lead on the Scorpions “Another Piece of Meat” and the incredible shred of MSG’s “Ulcer”, to the flowing neo-classical lines of “Bijou Pleasurette” to the modern shred of…well, “Miss Claustrophobia” by the Temple of Rock, I just love the stylistic contrast of his years!

    Schenker, Yngwie, Gary Moore, Rhoads, Blackmore, Mick Box, John Sykes, and then Jeff Kollman in the more recent era…these guys who blend intense feeling/melody with speed in their own way really inspired me to learn as much hard rock guitar as I can. Because of listening to them and researching a lot of obscure 70s rock, my own guitar style sort of has this mix of 80s technique/sound with an early 70s rock vibe.

    When I watch both Schenker’s and Alcatrazz/Yngwie’s live versions of “Desert Song”…I really dig the way they scorch the coda in their own unique manner. Love those guys.

    Thanks again for the awesome interview!


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