Happy 50th Birthday Yngwie Malmsteen


I’m thinking about you on this very special day. With a humble smile I am remembering you as a young man. So intensively determined and resolute to show the world what you could do. Despite the setbacks and grief, your tremendous tenacity and fighting spirit took you all the way to the top. I’m very proud of you, my dear friend.

The pictures below are from 1983 on your 20th birthday in our apartment in Laguna Beach. I woke you up with a tape where I’m playing happy birthday on your guitar. A one string, 20 sec. song. I imagine it must have sounded horrific ha ha ha. Newly awake and very happy for the birthday cake that I had made for you. It  had all the important ingredients. Fender, DiMarzio pick-ups and chocolate :) I don’t know if you remember, but you didn’t want to eat it before  showing it off at the rehearsals with Alcatrazz later on that same evening.

In my diary it says that I gave you a cup with your name on it, a burgundy robe, a Jimi Hendrix book, a Dark Crystal book, hair dryer and cookies. Graham Bonnet & Gary Shea gave you toys as birthday presents, since you were the kid in the band, very funny. After Alcatrazz were done rehearsing we all went out for dinner to celebrate your birthday. Perfect ending on a perfect day!

Today you are 50 years old and the living legend you deserve to be. I wish you all the best in life and hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration with your family!


P.S I also want to take this opportunity to congratulate another dear friend in the U.S.A. Happy Birthday DeeDee Keel:)

/// Love Little Savage


yngwie-bday-cake-blow2 yngwie-bday-lizzy2



18 Responses to “Happy 50th Birthday Yngwie Malmsteen”

  1. Nicely done tallee


  2. Tallee this is so beautiful written! you are an adorable person.. the sweetest thing i’ve have ever read an what a lovely pictures! Happy Birthday Yngwie!!


  3. Tallee,
    Even though we’ve only communicated online, your big heart is always evident! I can tell you’ve got a beautiful soul. Thanks for sharing your memories and photos. :) And yes, Happy Birthday to Yngwie!!!


  4. Corentin Says:

    That cake & these pictures look amazing! Thanks for these real treasures Tallee





  6. feliz aniversario mestre da guitarra


  7. Beverly Bonneau Says:

    That sounds like an absolutely “Tallee” thing to do on Yngwies 20th birthday! The Cake is gorgeous. AND you made it?!! The pictures make me smile to know you kept them all these years. Such a special time you shared with Yngwie. Today is a special day for us. And sharing your memories with us means SO much to us. You are a very special soul, Tallee. Much Peace,Love and Happiness to your whole family. They are very lucky to have you in their lives. And I’m sure they know it. I’m glad you are in OUR lives,too.


  8. Those early times in Laguna Beach were great times. I have a photo of all of us wearing Burger King hats on one of our tour buses. Cheers to all!


  9. corina valle Says:

    Talita…no es casualidad que usted este haciendo lo que hace ahora cada cosa que escribes muestra la gran pasion que te ha animado siempre,tu dulzura,tu creatividad y lo maravillosamente autentica que eres……Yo siempre espero tus cronicas….me encanta leerlas y ver el trabjo tuyo y de Matias…..cariños,abrazos y felicitaciones…..


  10. Thanks Tallee for sharing your beautiful personal memories and photos. Happy 50th birthday Yngwie! … \m/


  11. Vicent Cruañes Says:

    This is love (to receive a such cake from your girlfriend); it’s easier to go to a bakery and buy one but that won’t never be the same.
    I’d bet my life that Tallee Savage has been the girl who loved Yngwie the most and true. It was when he was nobody and had nothing, helped and joined him to get his dream. :-)


  12. Great gesture and awesome memories you shares. Sadly, Yngwie isnt supposed to remember any of this, so his “management” will make sure he deletes this off his memory!



  13. Anonymous Says:

    den där tårtaan ser riktigt smarrig ut ;)va fina ni va på bilden /bra txt… skrivet me :)

    ja fick en gitarr tårta en gång men de va ingen svaj arm på den ..plus att du hade fått dit det där fender loggan åxå..that is luv /du hade tänkt på allt …oslagbart en kram på de Tallee xo


  14. That was a very sweet & heartfelt message, Tallee :) Cheers from Joe


  15. My beautiful Tallee….You are simply the Best! Thank you for the birthday tribute. And I send best wishes to Yngwie for a happy birthday!!


  16. Happy birthday YjM!


  17. More great stories and memories from Tallee. Thank you so much! It is such a shame that April now has such a hold over Yngwie. I’m sure she can be a nice person and good wife/mother, but WHY does she control Yngwie so much? It’s sad and depressing for his true fans. I want to see Yngwie be his own man like before! Anyway Tallee you are the best, and please keep sharing your photos and memories of your time with Yngwie. We all know you would never do it for money or attention. We true fans just want to know more about what actually happened during Yngwie’s formative years. Tallee = > April!


  18. Thank you all for your beautiful and heartwarming comments :)

    Big Hug to all of you

    /// Tallee


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