Do you procrastinate?

Do you procrastinate?
I hate the word Later.
– Can you do your homework?
– Yeah later!
– Can we pay the bills now?
-Sure… later?
-Can you return the stuff I lent you a year ago?
-Yeah, next time around.
-Can you respond to the e-mail I sent you a week ago?
-Sure, I will.
Does this feel familiar?
You know later always really means another day, month, year… or not doing it at all. The procrastinator do not see the advantages in positive outcome of doing things when they are supposed to: On Time! To delay the process of pain? To drop something for something else more comfortable? To accumulate things…until later, later, LATER!  We all know the task, problem, payment, debts or responsibility  vanish … and the pleasure that derives from delaying or putting things off itself just brings pain and problems in the long run. So why postpone? Does it help? Nooo, it rarely does. It adds up pressure. You piss people off, piss yourself off and it builds up guilt. The incomplete work remains. So why wait until the last minute? Why cause others and yourself so much unnecessary anxiety and stress? Disorganized, lazy or too optimistic? I see the same patterns in the same people and it stresses me out…because it involves me, ruins my schedule and it´s just plainly negative behaviour. I’m the opposite and glad to be. I’m not saying I’m a better person… but I’m just organized and put a lot of value in keeping deadlines and promises that I make to others and myself! I feel the satisfaction of having finished the work is a very delightful and fair feeling.
Anyway, I just feel that it´s really a self-sabotaging behaviour, and I also think a lot of people are deceiving themselves when they think that theyhave good reasons for delaying getting on with what they have to do. The procrastinators are experts on the “victim” mindset. They waste their own time and other people’s valtallee-signuable time. The problem will not vanish!! Take care of it NOW if there is no reason stopping you to do so. Really… Life is just too short. Today is the Day, not later, not tomorrow… at least for a lot of things that can be done ; ) So Yeah… Not later – NOW!

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One Response to “Do you procrastinate?”

  1. Ahhhh procrastination, my personal double edged sword. It is perilous and negative yet I am guilty of it. My ethics and common courtesy for others drives me to curtail this nasty habit in most parts of my life. I am never late and if I say i will do something I can be counted on to do it and I don’t affect the live of others. If there’s a gray area or see an opportunity to procrastinate I will, sometimes it works out and sometimes I screw myself over for sure. I did not procrastinate in writing this response, I said I would do it later but I’m doing it now. Love to all of you in Sweden.


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