Frida – A friend I never knew

fridaThese past couple of months I have thought a lot about a girl called Frida Hagdahl. She was a friend but I did not know her. She was what you call an ”acquaintance”. I met her at the most 10 times. At my friend Lotta Fischer Levén’s bachelorette party, at Lotta and Mats’ wedding in 2010, at festivals, KGB (the club in Stockholm she co-owned together with Hokan Pettersson and Fredde Lindberg) etc. She made a solid impression back then: Energetic, happy, funny, charming, kind, curious and cool. Knowing me, I would have embraced her and her friendship right there, because those are the kind of people who I like to have in my life. But for some reason time flew by and we never got closer than that. Last week I went to her funeral at the St Matteus Church. She had been struggling for six months with incurable lung cancer that quickly spread to her bones and finally her head. March 8 she departed this transitory life and entered upon an eternal sabbath of rest, only 36 years old.

She wrote a very sincere and detailed blog about her journey. FridaKGB Blogg>> It made me burst into tears many times… How she could seem so calm, organized and so honest about everything… knowing her days were counted. She was so ill and yet seemed so full of life. It felt incomprehensible with no way to really relate to what she was going through. I mean how do you deal with knowledge like that? I heard and saw the sadness in all our mutual friends and often thought about her family and relatives. Their pain… How unbearable the grief and anguish must have been and how tremendously they must miss her today :(

Last week, Thursday March 3, I decided to go to her funeral. I was little confused about whether it was proper or not to go to the funeral of someone you did not know so well. But close friends of Frida, said that I should go, to support them and pay my respects. It was absolutely beautiful. I have never seen som many people in a funeral ever. You could tell right away this person had made an impact on many lives and a summary from the priest and all her friends gave me a clear picture that I had really missed out. I should have known her better as she was clearly one of those unique persons that you refer to as a ”keeper”. Anyway, it felt really good to be there among friends and all the humble love that was in the air. Beautiful music was performed by Mats Levén and Mia Coldheart and time stood still for a while leaving no eyes dry. My condolence to her family and boyfriend, friends and colleagues. R.I.P Frida


Me and Frida at Sweden Rock Festival 2012. Photo by: Tina Huttenlocher

I lost my father, my aunt Alicia and my good friend Rigmor Malmsten in a way to early age to this despicable disease – Earth life closed – My friend Ludde Lindström has just been through a tough surgery after receiving the grim news of kidney cancer. We are all hoping the cancer stays the hell away and that he recovers well. Please support and feel the commitment for this organization or any other project that helps us get a step closer to finding cures for cancer, to achieve a higher survival rate and a reduction in the incidence of cancer, as we all, without exceptions are somehow affected in many ways sometime in life… one way or another. tallee-sign



CANCERFONDEN >> – The Swedish Cancer Society is an independent non-profit organization.

ROCK AGAINST CANCER >> – This is a charity project for the benefit of research in cancer. Behind it is Peter Knutsson. He lost his mother and now recently his father in cancer. Together with a bunch of enthusiastic Swedish rockers he organizes concerts and different kinds of projects in various places. All the revenue will go in full and directly to the cancer society!

Auction to benefit Cancer Society – Swedish rockers have donated really cool stuff that you all can be owners of. Check it out!

FUCK CANCER is also a nonprofit organization that started in one of my other home regions Huntington Beach. Their motto: FIGHT, No One FIGHTS Alone!
They have really cool ”Fuck Cancer” merch that you can buy to support:  I’m getting myself a cool tank top today!!
Get yours here >>

8 Responses to “Frida – A friend I never knew”

  1. Jag miste min bästa väninna i cancer för 1,5 år sedan .
    Vi träffades första gången en nyårsafton 1985 , vi blev oskiljaktiga efter den dagen, vi jobbade ihop i 19 år , umgicks med hela familjen o våra barn växte upp ihop . Efter 26 år , dagen efter jag varit o hälsat på henne på sjukhuset tog hon sitt sista andetag . Jag slutade nästan andas av sorg o samtidigt visste jag att hennes familj led ännu värre än jag . Hon lämnade man , 3 barn o ett barnbarn som föddes två månader efter .
    Därför känner jag rätt ofta en tacksamhet över att min familj finns omkring mig o att alla mår bra ❤️ Så fint gjort av dig Tallee Savage , det betyder mycket för nära o kära att du gick på begravningen ❤️


  2. Fint skrivet Tallee. :-)
    Förlorade en vän i cancer för 5 år sedan, hon var bara 16. Farfar kämpar också mot den och vi hoppas det löser sig.
    Vi måste få ett stopp på cancern, så stöd forskningen allihopa.


  3. Camilla Nelson Says:

    Önskar ingen det mötet….men som det ser ut drabbas vi alla på ett eller annat sätt…..Då är det lite trösterikt med vackra ärliga rader !


  4. William Hsi Says:

    Fint skivet Tallee! Livet är fört kort för att slösas bort därför bör man vara glad för varje dag man får och göra någonting bra av det.


  5. Ulrika Eriksson Says:

    Fina och gripande ord Tallee.


  6. Ulrika Eriksson Says:

    Man ska inte ta livet för givet, inte bara cancer som kan göra att man förlorar en vän i förtid. Jag har själv haft ett hjärtstillestånd men “någon” vill att jag skulle leva och jag har fått glädjen att se mina döttrar växa upp. Efter en sån händelse blir man ödmjuk och inser att livet kan förändras på en sekund. Din vän fick inte någon andra chans. Precis som du skriver så ibland möter man människor som strålar av livsglädje och som ger djupa bestående intryck. Men en del möten slutar med besvikelse, alla människor är inte de man tror. Vänner kommer och går men vissa glömmer man aldrig. Frida var en sån person för dig! :)


  7. Very touching Tallee, to be loved by so many and gone so soon.


  8. So sorry about what Frida had to go through and amazed at the same time at how, like you wrote, she seemed to deal with it… Sometimes there are people who cross our path for a very short time and still are able to leave a deep mark… It looks like Frida was one of those to you and many more… RIP…


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