Is April hindering the once promising career of Yngwie Malmsteen? Tallee Savage gives her prospective – All That Shreds! Magazine

This interview of me that “All That Shreds Magazine” published a few days ago, is no longer to be found!

Once again I find myself in this obscure situation where April Malmsteen enforces her power to shut me and other people up! Threats, abuse of power, censorship. Call it what you want… but that’s how I see it.

It is not my intention to bring any harm to Yngwie. I didn’t in the unauthorized book of Yngwie Malmsteen “As Above, So below” that came out a few years ago and I didn’t in the Swedish movie “Så jävla metal” about Swedish Metal produced by Yasin Hillborg, where April actually manages to have the movie withdrawn from the theaters and cut out my parts of the interview and photos. And mind you I merely brought up some very sweet and funny memories and pictures from the past.

Well, now it was brought to my attention that the interview with me by Andrew Catania for “All that Shreds Magazine” is withdrawn from the Internet as well. Criticism is not allowed and the freedom of speech and press do not apply for everybody. So that was that that…

So in response to all you people who have written me and asked me why the interview can’t be found. Now you know why!


Yngwie Malmsteen, Tallee Savage, 1987

Yngwie Malmsteen and Tallee Savage – Christmas 1987


8 Responses to “Is April hindering the once promising career of Yngwie Malmsteen? Tallee Savage gives her prospective – All That Shreds! Magazine”

  1. Angelina Evans Says:

    It is unfortunate she feels the need to try to erase part of his life because it does not suit her. Every person has a past and it is every part of that past that makes a person who they are. She apparently does not love the man and his talent but only his status if she cannot accept “all” of him.


  2. …… Vad ska man säga…? Sorgligt, tragiskt, bisarrt, märkligt, idiotiskt beteende av den klanen… En så fantastisk gitarrist men så….dysfunktionell 😟


  3. Wow, just wow…
    …This says more about April than about what story you tell.
    Yngwie is one of the most gifted string benders out there, but lately he is ruining the reputation he has built (thanks to people like you), and his history is a big part of the story about his legacy.
    She should be happy about the people who still supports him and still remember what started it all, because in all honesty he hasn’t deliver anything worth giving attention lately.
    This does not mean he is not a legend on the contrary he IS a legend with a great history, a history that is worth talking about.
    There is very few people who become living legends but he IS one.
    And part of the legacy is that people talk about their history.
    All that follows Yngwie’s history know about your part in it and you can’t erase that (even thou she think’s she can).
    What she do now is just puttning her name in the legacy as the “Yoko Ono” person in his life and one may wonder if that is what she want’s to be?

    But hey what do I know, I did not even knew about you history when we first meet, for me you was that talent photographer I admire ;)


  4. Erik Thompson Says:

    As a long time Sweden Rock Magazine employee, I’m having a déjà-vu experience here. In September 2008, our magazine published a lengthy Yngwie Malmsteen article preceded by some quite peculiar fussing from the Mr and Mrs Malmsteen camp. Our editors at the time summarized events on the editorial page of the issue in question (#54, if anybody’s interested). The part of this summary that is of interest to our current story reads as follows, translated from Swedish:
    “On July 17th, (reporter) Jonas Molund did a personal interview with Yngwie at (the venue) Berns in Stockholm. To complement the Q&A, we asked Yngwie’s wife and manager, April Malmsteen, for a phone interview. Our intentions at the time were to address several of the things discussed in the interviews by Holmstedt (the reporter who had already interviewed Yngwie’s sister and former band members Jens Johansson, Göran Edman and Marcel Jacob for the article), and above all to give Yngwie the opportunity to give his perspective on the tense relations between him and Marcel Jacob and Göran Edman.
    A time slot for the interview was booked, and to give Yngwie a fair chance to prepare for the coming discussion, we e-mailed him all these interviews a few days in advance.
    His management responded by asking us why Marcel Jacob had been interviewed – “What have you been asking him about? He has nothing to do with Yngwie. Kindly explain before we move forward with the interview”.
    We explained that we wished to present our readers with an overview of Yngwie’s career in a lengthier perspective, as well as giving him a chance to defend himself against the accusations made against him, several of whom being previously known. To no avail. Yngwie never called us, neither did his manager respond to our queries on why, until several days later, then with a curt question on when the issue went to print.
    Our next communication from the Malmsteen camp was an e-mail from one Craig M Spierer, an attorney at McCue Sussmane & Zapfel in New York. Enclosed was a two page letter, a so-called “cease and desist”, essentially demanding us not to publish the interviews with Jacob and Edman, and threatening to sue us if we did not give confirmation within two days.
    Now this became a matter of principle, and we obviously decided to not budge but to publish the interviews as planned. However, we had some experts take a look at them just to make sure, and both the Swedish Reporter’s Union, the PK (an organization monitoring freedom of speech in Sweden) and a couple of lawyers, all found this as eyebrow-raising as we did.
    After kindly but firmly informing Yngwie’s management that our decision to publish remained, we finally received a written statement from Yngwie, where he dismissed Jacob’s and Edman’s claims.
    If Yngwie had only e-mailed us his comments the first time we asked him, we would have avoided this entire mess, and he would not have had to endure the somewhat embarrassing situation that will follow now that his intimidation attempt gets displayed like this.”

    Last time I checked it wasn’t illegal for former co-workers and acquaintances of a certain artist to share their memories and opinions on said artist with the press. And what do you know? It wasn’t. So why All That Shreds allowed themselves to be bullied into something that they were under no obligation to comply with, is beyond me.

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  5. i’m sure we all had a great old times back then. So why the fuck erase it? respect it and live with it. We can’t be really proud of everything what we did, but it was fun! Absolutely! Yngwie is the best guitar player ever and should just don’t give a fuck on this. First girlfriend or whoever from the fourth hundred – the past anyway. Who cares? We live it today. Everyone has their own life, and its good. But really cool to know the whole story of the history! i mean i did not know alot before talk to the very close ppl. Peace and Rock’nRoll!!


  6. Her Erik! Let me answer that question. Living in the State of Florida along with the Malmsteens, my Attorney advised me that they were ready to proceed with civil action. I asked their lawyer if they’d like to respond to Tallee’s accusations. He emailed me three pages of postings saying Tallee is stalking them, etc. I made the decision to take it down as I didn’t want to be wasting time in a courtroom paying my lawyer $250 an hour for an overzealous and controlling person. It was a matter of economics. They stalk Tallee’s Facebook and blog. As soon as the interview went up, it wasn’t an hour later I received correspondence from their attorney. They have me blocked from Twitter, Instagram, and I’m surprised I’m not blocked from the official YJM Facebook page. They’re apparently scared of Tallee or anybody else in his past from speaking about him. I’m one of Yngwie’s BIGGEST fans. Anybody who knows me will confirm that. With his immense talent, he should be playing bigger venues than these little small clubs he’s book at. My question was she hindering his once promising career. Even right now, I’m sure they’re reading every note we’re typing. They’d drag out any legal action. Especially with me living in Florida. That was the only reason I took it down. I do plan on redoing a piece with Tallee.

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  7. That’s really ridiculous, but not surprising at all. I was blocked from his Facebook page, just for expressing an opinion about his latest release. I admired the songs and ideas and criticized the production value and sound engineering of the record (in a very polite figure of speech) and for that I got banned. As a long term YJM fan, since 1989, I am really sad that he is throwing away everything he did and ruining his name and career.


  8. I do not understand the intention behind wanting to erase one’s husband’s past and rewirte “history”, other than jealousy, envy or a huge inferiority complex. In the interview there was not one bad or damaging word, that I could see. It is actually very sad and does not only show very little style or class of this “April”, but also extremely little sensitivity for the business her husband is working in or empathy for his work and talent. You do not have to put up with this kindergarten nonsense, Tallee Savage, as you have everything, this woman is missing: Style, class, grace, beauty and most of all honor and a heart!


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