Adora Batbrat’s Halloween

Oh, my God, is she really naked? Well, some say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and people need to learn there is a difference between pornography and nudity. I took this explicit photo session with Adora Batbrat about two years ago. The full body photo on a rocking chair was featured in our Goth calendar for 2015. One photo was accepted on Facebook, no problem … Another one got me banned for 3 days though. I believe it was the second photo. Anyway, here is the whole serie of photos never shown before. It’s Halloween! Enjoy! 
Tallee Savage    

“Sweet and charming she may be, but what you see might not be” – Black Widow


Photo: Tallee Savage © All Rights Reserved

Graphics: Mattias Savage

2015 © Savage Photography - Photo: Tallee Savage
2015 © Savage Photography - Photo: Tallee Savage

2015 © Savage Photography - Photo: Tallee Savage   2015 © Savage Photography - Photo: Tallee SavageAdora-rocking-chair12015 © Savage Photography - Photo: Tallee Savage

5 Responses to “Adora Batbrat’s Halloween”

  1. Elisabeth Nordin Says:

    Wow! Så vackra och sensuella foton! Bra skrivit av dig! ❤

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  2. Damn I really loves these photo sessions of you and her <3 you two make such an amazing combo! I Always watch your and her work, such an inspiration <4

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  3. Dear Adora, wonderfull in all aspects. C ya

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  4. Adora Batbrat is quite breathtaking and you have captured her very well Tallee! Thanks for sharing them.


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