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Savage Beauty - Make up artistBorn in Chile, raised in the States and currently living in Sweden. A happy Little Savage with a wide interest range. Rock chick, gymnastic teacher, globertrotter. interested in politics, oriental bellydancer, professional Make-up artist.

I’m a professional make up artist and photographer located in Stockholm, Sweden and Los Angeles, U.S.A. I put a lot of dedication and enthusiasm in to all my assignments and strive to present the perfect overall impression. I have confidence in my abilities and I am reliable, responsible and effective. As a freelance phtotographer and make up artist, I collaborate efficiently with each client to accurate interpret their visions.

For bookings contact me on tallee@savagebeauty.se

Certified in the following:
Alternative, Rock & Goth • Photoshoots • Music videos • Stage • Show • Fashion • Trend • Fantasy • Catwalk • TV-make up • Films • Commercial • Bride • Theatre • Glamour

I have done work with several well established artists, musicians, bands and politicians. Mainly for album covers, music videos or/and stage performances. Presented on my homepage and on my Facebook Page.


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I do modeling jobs in the alternative / Goth / Fantasy area. Have done various model projects for album covers/ sleeves. I also participated in Hardcore Superstars video “Into Debauchery” which is presented here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOaLnsdi2hs

Although my passion is within ROCK music I do flirt with other genres . I have been an oriental bellydancer for 15 years. Performing on different occasions. A huge passion is rock music combined with an oriental touch or scales. And this is also the choregraphy I strive for when I have a gig.

I am extremely passionate in everything I do and a loving, forgiving and kind person, but I can also be a bitch if you deserve it. I dislike arrogance, ignorance and indulgance. Narrowminded, manupulative and judgemental people are fools and a turn off. I am easy going myself but I can handle complicated people very well. Because of the simple fact that we are all different and when I meet a new person, I look for the positive within.

Exploring new places and approaching matters in a different angle is something I like. Would hate to die curious and so I have hundreds of ideas in my head, time is the only limit. Nothing is to weird for me…. and when I say something I DO IT. I am effective as hell, yet accurate. …Spontainous, but a mediculous planner.

Intrigued by vampires, old castles, dragons, the dark, the night, the moon, vintage fairy tales and historical fantasies.

I collect Tarzan comic strips and I love swap-meets and the hunt and satisaction of finding unique objects that tell you a story and have a history.

I have no problem to think different today than I did yesterday, because that only make me wise and not stubborn, which I am anyway, ha ha ha.

I Adore animals and respect the idealistic and strong minded people fighting for them. And basically I think interests of animals should be afforded the same consideration as the similar interests of humans. I have been a member of “Animal Rights” since 1984 and a vegetarian for 26 years. This is for ethic, moral, environmental, spiritual, humanity and health reasons.

///Tallee Savage

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