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Temple Of Rock & Love Reunion Tour

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Live photos of Michael Schenker from Kubben/Fryshuset in Stockholm, Sweden – May 25, 2013.
It was a great show!
Thank you: Michael Schenker, Herman Rarebell, Francis Bucholz, Doogie White and Wayne Findlay :)

All photos are taken by me, Tallee Savage :) Please contact me for purchase or the right to use any Michael Schenker photo. Click photos to enlarge.

I also did an interview with Michael before the Tour in May:

Michael’s exceptional guitar playing has kept many people spellbound for over 40 years. He has inspired and influenced other guitar players for decades. Leaving delightful grins on the faces of millions of fans while we still today enjoy his extensive career with the Scorpions, through the immortal classic albums with British legends UFO, to his long going Michael Schenker Group solo achievements.
 The six-string axe-slinger is seemingly enthusiastic and eager to be a passenger as says: “The universe is driving and I tag along”, enjoying the new album “Temple of Rock” and life more than ever.
 Tallee Savage went down memory lane in a long chat with legendary Michael Schenker in an exclusive interview for Rocknytt. He talks about the album, Tour,  developments and expectations and also explains why he is celebrating the era of “Hand Made Rock”.

Read the whole interview on Rocknytt HERE >>

© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage © Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage © Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage © Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage © Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage © Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage © Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage © Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage © Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

Medieval with Zaann

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PastedGraphic-1Working with Zaann was a true pleasure. She is as perceptive, wise, humble and sweet as they come <3  Travelled all the way from a town called Maidstone, an hour outside of London, to stay with me for three days. A nice arrangement made by our mutual friend Michael Kenney, who also happened to have business in Sweden at the same time. Michael has been the bass tech for Steve Harris of Iron Maiden for the last 30 years, and has a recording history with the band that goes all the way back to the albums ”No prayer for the Dying”, ” Fear of the Dark” and ”Virtual XI. On stage he has handled the keyboard playing since the ”Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Tour”. This particular visit in Sweden was of a different matter though. Michael was on tour with Steve Harris’ solo/side project British Lion and he thought it would be an excellent idea for me and Zaann to collaborate. Busy, busy weekend: First we did five different photo sessions with a variety of themes. 1700s, 1800s, Goth Lolita, Princess and Medieval. In the next few days you will see Zaann’s many different faces only by changing the make up and hair a little. We had Michael over for dinner one day followed by a ”girls night out” the next day with my sister Amanda and Tåve to see British Lion perform in Stockholm. After party was at Club Rocks and Heavens Gate.

tallee-signThe first session with Zaann here is a medieval theme we actually did in 30 minutes before she had to organize her stuff and run off to the airport. Next up will be “La Belle Époque”. See you then!

Photo by Tallee Savage

2014 © Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage


tallee-n-steve © Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage
Steve Harris / Iron Maiden

Michael Kenney and I in L.A. 2012

More about Michael Kenney here >>>


DEEP PURPLE and Symphony Orchestra (Stockholm)

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There are two words I would like to use for this event on December 9th in Stockholm, “grand and tranquil”. The floor of the venue was filled with chairs where rockers of all ages sat nice and neatly throughout the concert. A few head-banging souls here and there – after all this was friday ;) But overall a very civilized and “mature” concert.

The “Neue Philhamonie Frankfurt Orchestra” led by concertmaster, the violinist Ralf Hübner, certainly brought a new sound to Deep Purple. We all got to hear a whole bunch of well performed classic songs like Highway Star, Strange kind of woman, Rapture of the deep, My Woman from Tokyo, Hush, The mule, Lazy, No One Came and many more.

Deep Purple are noticeably older and especially Ian Gillan is not so vigorous any more. His voice caught some problems here and there on the high notes which made me think “why does he bother”. Nobody expects him to hit the perfect high notes or falsetto range he did so well in the 1970’s. But the greatness of Ian Gillan persists and “When a Blind Man Cries” is sheer poetry.

Don Airey appeared happy, smiling throughout the concert.  The keyboard solo was splendid incorporating a little reminder of “who’s the man” behind the distinctive organ introduction of Ozzy’s Mr.Crowly and progressed impressing with beautiful virtuous playing like the “Turkish March” by Mozart.

I have always been amazed of how Ian Paice can make one bass drum sound like two. Fast little rascals, I guess. He showed us his great musicianship… But, sorry to say… Nothing compared to what Martin Axenrot had to offer the night before at the OPETH concert in Stockholm. Not every day that I get to hear two splendid drum solos of this altitude on the same weekend.

So do we miss Ritchie Blackmore? Well Yes, he will always be missed in Deep Purple. But Steve Morse makes you forget as the show progresses. Impressive and joyful playing.  Gist of it all is that Deep Purple (Mk8) is still alive and well after 40 years. Well performed songs running smoothly down memory lane.  I do approve!


P.S Jag har gjort en recension på svenska åt Rockbladet.
Finns att läsa här >>>



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OPETH’s 10th, album HERITAGE is a mix of Progressive rock, Folk-laden, Jazz fusion, 70’s and then some more. Their most progressive and ambitious effort to date.  Some rockers are crying their eye out because of the lack of growl on this album but I don’t miss it here. They certainly were the masters of “beauty and brutality”, but who says you need death metal growl to be heavy?
Still sounds very much Opeth to me. Michael has been quoted expressing his feelings about NOT being afraid to experiment or “being caught with his pants down”. “Why only do it one way when you can do everything else too” … and frankly, even if Death Metal is the root of Opeth, the mish-mash of the vintage guitars and organs passages,  jazzy Jethro Tull:ish flute interlude,  poetic vocals, folk formula,  all shows a substantial stylistic progressive perfection. A whole new sound for the heavy metal crowd to LOVE.

Heritage is marvellous and the more you listen to it, the more fantastic it gets. Innovative and flamboyant “metal”. The Rainbow influences are undoubtedly and hearable noticeable here and there. Especially in the song “Slither”
I am pretty sure Ritchie Blackmore will approve of the tribute masterpiece Opeth are indulging us with.

This is an extraordinarily,  epic album. Fresh, exiting, timeless and Phenomenal!
Dazzles me with beauty and energetic perfection. I love it!

 5 / 5 Little Savages

Opeth Live at Arenan in Stockholm, Sweden, December 8,  2011.

Great show… But one or two too many mellow songs. Michael’s growling is great, but it was not the part I missed. I felt my feet and head urging for a little more heavy and speed. It was there but a little to little.
Sound was off sometimes but sounded better towards the end of the set. Michael is a complete charmer on stage. With his very “down to earth” and intimate talk between the songs. Makes everybody feel comfortable and close to the band.

Beautiful master guitar playing from both Fredrik Åkesson and Mikael Åkerfeldt. Technical but never ever going overboard showing off and being theatrical Speedy Gonzales, only tasteful and perfect. Martin Axenrot did the best drum solo ever. The magnitude of this drummer! Incredible musicians, all of them!

4 / 5 Little Savages

These images must not be copied without the written permission of the photographer.
All photographs © Tallee Savage

OPETH home page >>>

Buy the album “Heritage” here >>>


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HammerFall from Gothenburg, Sweden, rockin’ out at the Getaway Rock Festival. In support of the new album “Infected” the band has supported quite a few festival throughout the summer and has announced a European tour. Unfortunately no photos of the drummer, Anders. The stage was to high. He is by the way one of funniest persons to hang out with… totally wild.

Joacim Cans of HammerFall

Oscar Dronjak  (HammerFall)

Pontus Norgren & Joacim Cans


Rikard Edlund is on fiiiiire… or so it seems. Good picture, bad picture? Well… I thought it was cool.
Graveyard was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2006 and have released two albums. Graveyard (2007) and Hisingen Blues (2011) I only saw three songs of this Psychedelic, blues rockin’ band and then I had to run off to the next stage and take photos. And this was one of the things that really sucked on this festival. Bands overlapping each other and starting at the same time. Hm… If the band is good and amusing, I for one likes to stay and see at least half the concert.

Same procedure with Black Metal band Marduk. Only saw the few songs that I was allowed to take photos in the photo pit. Singer Mortuus looks like cave man or indian… pretty cool!

I have seen them quite a few times and they certainly are an entertaining band to watch. Never a dull moment really. Kick-ass sleaze rock’n’roll. Great band and nice fellows aswell. Kicked off with the song Sadistic Girls and took off with the smashing hit single “We Don’t celebrate Sundays anymore”.

My mouth on Adde’s drum kit he he he he cool  \m/

Can you have a better time than hanging out with good friends, fabulous music and a nice cold beer?

My sister Amanda, Mats, Lotta and Jompa.

Martin Forsman, Anna Karlsson, Mats Levén & Lotta Fischer-Levén.

My hubby Matt enjoying his beer.

A little bit of Kreator. Trash metal band from Essen, Germany. The band is currently working on new material for a thirteenth studio album, which is due for release in 2012. Can’t tell you much about the gig… had to run with my camera to another stage.

Dudes from Blowsight.

Alice is Alice!

Always a pleasure to see him and his band. Although I did miss my friend Keri Kelli on the guitar on stage with him : (

Hanging out with Sanna Stenvall. Beautiful voice on Bandit radio.
You folks in Sweden do tune in every day, right?

The NEVERDIES were the winners of radio competition “Bandit Unsigned 2010” and landed themselves a contract with Warner Music. They are hitting the stages here and there.

A late congratulations are in order!

Photos: Tallee Savage
All rights reserved. Copyright © 2011.
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Backstage pass for this years GETAWAY ROCK FESTIVAL. Design made my Mattias Savage of E-tainment News. Came out pretty cool … huh?

I was assigned by E-tainment News to take photos for this festival. So I had to work… work but enjoying the luxury of having a blast at the same time. This festival can’t really be compared to Sweden Rock. It is not so big… yet. Sweden Rock is nostalgic… more “mature” bands and audience , if you will. But still I liked the arrangements and I got to see a lot of band that I had never seen before on this festival that took place in Gävle, Sweden on July 7-9, 2011.

One of those bands where Norwegian black metallers IMMORTAL. After the release of their first demo in 1990 the band has been one of the most important black Metal bands in the world. They have arguably maintained the most occult-mysticism image credited to Black Metal. Conversely, unlike many black metal bands, Immortal does not espouse Satanism. At least not any more. The music is a complex fusion of black metal, trashy, technical, heavy and fast… very fast. I enjoyed the concert very much!

Apollyon (bass player in Immortal since 2006)

Abbath Doom Occulta (vocals & guitar and founder of Immortal)


Young dudes from the band Dynazty unfortunately had their set up at the same time as black Metal band Immortal. I would not go as far as to say that they had to fight over the audience. Because this two bands certainly come from two different planets. Never have seen any of the acts before I thought it was fair to visit both bands. Dynazty’s melodic rock is good and this lads are hungry. But I was drawn back to Immortal as I was urging for some theatrical and more “evil” music \m/

Love from Dynazty & partying with some girlfriends Madleine, Kattis and Hanna.

Another band that started out in 1990 formed by the twin brothers Erik and Per Gustavsson, under the stage names Tyrant and Hellbutcher is Nifelheim.
The twin brothers, aka “Bröderna Hårdrock”, did a documentary about Heavy Metal fans which aired in Sweden 1998.
The band plays old-school black Metal in the vein of bands like Venom and Bathory, rather than the style made famous from Norwegian black Metal bands of the 1990’s. GOSH, having Rainbow and Deep Purple as my favorite bands I really surprise myself by digging this utterly extreme subgenre of Heavy Metal music. Unconventional, raw, highly distorted guitar shrieked vocals, blast beat drumming. At least I give it a chance.


Always a pleasure to see Opeth, and certainly Getaway’s best act this year. Everything they played sounds amazing. I always get a Pink Floyd-ish feeling when I see them. But they are much more progressive and heavy of course. I remember thinking that the concert was a little to short considering they were headlining, but I don’t know if it can ever be long enough! Anyway after the song “Drapery falls” from the Blackwater Park album, Mikael explained to the audience that drummer Martin Axenroth  was actually very sick with Shingles and had spent all night before in the hospital feeling very ill. What a guy! Shingles is very painful inflammation caused by the same virus as chicken pox. They had a new keyboardist that sounded just fine…but I do miss Per Wibergs head banging.

The new album “Heritage” is out in September. It is supposed to be very good…Well, I know it is brilliant ;)

Here is a two-minute video clip of Mikael Åkerfeldt and Fredrik Åkesson shopping records at Fords. Enjoy!

Mingling backstage with Fredrik Åkesson of Opeth.

O’boy… how many parties have been saved by jamming some Accept through the speakers. What an utterly amazing band. I was sceptic not to have Udo Dirkschneider up there but the new guy, Mark Tornillo (ex TT Quick) really pulled it off. It’s a matter of fact he did an excellent job and kept the “aura” of Udo intact without looking or sounding like it was a “cover band” job. Does that makes sense? After photographing three songs in the photo pit. I joined the big crowed that were loving this big time. In front of me were two members from Nifelheim going crazy (see pic below).

“It is all about the smile” Guitarist Wolf Hoffmann. Happiest guy in this festival.

Well protected by Hellbutcher and Sebastian Ramstedt of Nifelheim.


I felt like I wanted to “mosh”, I really did. I so much wanted to join into the aggressive dance that the audience so nicely got together to express their enjoyment and appreciation for this excellent and funny band. But my heels were to high, my nails to long, my camera to heavy… Naw… best just to look. I want to see these dudes again!

Mats Levén with his beautiful wife Lotta.

Beer pause… three rockin´cousins Jompa, Gustaf and Matt.

The Darkness…not my cup of tea… Never was.
But singer Justin Hawkins was energetic and had a nice “Sweden” shirt on.

Swedish band Ghost’s significant popularity is justified. Music was good and their somewhat eccentric presence made med feel like I was in a mass. Here are some of the photos I took. The lights on this concert was amazingly cool but dark and it was hard to get a clear good photo. Flash is prohibited and something you really don’t want to use because it kills the mood of a pic.

Photos: Tallee Savage
All rights reserved. Copyright © 2011.
Use without permission is unlawful

Sweden Rock Festival 2011 – Part III

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Here are some mingle photos from the backstage area. I had the urge to just make them black and white, because I like black/white prints. Exception is Jocke Berg’s T-shirt as you can see.



Jocke Berg and Vic Zino of HARDCORE SUPERSTAR. Total sweethearts!
— • —

With my sister Amanda and Mats Levén.
— • —

Adam Hector and Hampus Klang from BULLET and Eric & Nicklas Stenemo of MELODY CLUB
— • —

Adam Hector of BULLET & Nicke Andersson of HELLACOPTERS
— • —

My sister Amanda ♥ Björn and my friend Fizzy.
— • —

Mats, Maria, Thomas, Lotta
— • —

Me posing with Catalina & Simon Cruz of CRASHDÏET.
— • —

Martin Sweet of Crashdïet and girlfriend Ika.
— • —

Hanna, Jompa & Mattias having a nice drink while Uffe Magnusson thinks I’m good enough to eat.
— • —

Phil Alselmo of PANTERA and the boys from CRASHDïET
— • —

FATAL SMILE’s Thomas Blade and his lovely wife Maria.
— • —

Janne Jarvis ex WARRIOR SOUL & Linnea Olsson a jounalist and guitar player of Sonic Ritual and Crucifix. —  Me and my long time friend Ulf Magnusson.
— • —

Pär Holmgren & me — Ian Haugland of EUROPE
— • —

Me and CRUCIFIED BARBARA’s singer and ax-girl Mia & Thomas Blade and Matt.
— • —

Tobias Strandvik of KAMCHATKA and Johan Niemann of EVERGREY
— • —

Hanging with Henrik Shyffert (Swedish comedian) at the bar. To the Right our friend Nippe.
— • —

My hubby Matt and Hanna.
— • —

Björn is doing the Mini-Me while Amanda is enjoying her drink.
— • —

David LaRoxx and a girl from the audience with a kick-ass hairdo
— • —

Thomas, Jompa, Hanna, Björne, Mattias, Amanda & David — Bohemian festival jam
— • —

Last day of Sweden Rock. One HELL of a party. Here with my good friend and colleauge Catalina.
— • —

The girls – Lena Neogard Thomander, Hanna Henriksson, Catalina Ericsson & me
— • —






That’s all folks!

Peace, love, happiness, understanding and cherish the ones your with!


Sweden Rock Festival 2011 – part II

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My love for Whitesnake is tremendous. I heard David Coverdale the first time with Deep Purple on the “Stormbringer” and “Burn” albums. But he had already embarked on a successful career with Whitesnake by then. His amazing voice would put me sound asleep every night in my early teenage years with albums like “Lovehunter”. I can still hear the crackling sound of those vinyl records spinning next to my bed : ) A very soothing touch of the past!

Another memory I have from years later, in 1988, is when me and my friend Mimmi walked in to “Tower Records” a giant record store in L.A. and bought a picture disc of David Coverdale, if anybody recalls those? The store was pretty much empty and we made our purchase when the clerk said that Mr. Coverdale was actually in the store. We were like, YEAH RIGHT! So he pointed to way back where a small, tiny, blond man was scrolling through the records. We decided to check this out, just to make sure… and there he was! Way too skinny with a bad hairsprayed bimbo-bleech resembling Robert Plant on a bad hair day, to the point beyond recognition. He looked up and gave us a smile from ear to ear and stated a british “Hello ladies”! Being exactly the gentlemen that rumors state throughout our whole conversation. Enjoyable day in good ol’ Hollywood this was.

This was 23 years ago. After 1987 I have been very torn apart when it comes to Whitesnake. Because the simple fact that I am a big fan of the vintage Whitesnake sound where David sang like a lion. The heavy blues vibes and interplay between Micky Moody and Bernie Marsden was plain great. I miss that!

Aaaanyway… The Whitesnake concert was… Ok. I want to write that it was fabulous, but unfortunately it wasn’t. David Coverdale’s voice sounded strained, he can’t hit some of the high notes anymore, and a God forsaken unnecessary 30 minute long solo spot from Doug Aldrich, Reb Beach and Brian took a lot of the edge from this gig. Way too many ballads made me fall ill with the neurological sleep disorder narcolepsy. My only thought then was… BUT WHY? Highlight of the Whitesnake concert was Bernie Marsden’s appearance on stage which was the first time since 1982 with the band. So that was that, that!

– Click pics to enlarge –

SAXON! Another band still going strong. Biff looks cool. Like a blond wizard from the movie “Lord of the Rings”. Better than those terrible silver spandex tights he always used to wear in the 80’s.  Just like Ozzy, the years have treated him well. Voice sounds the same and he has managed to keep in good shape. They made lots of rockers happy with songs like “And the band played on”, “Denim and Leather”, “747 Strangers in the night” and “Princess of the Night”.

– Click pics to enlarge –

More of “New Wave of British Heavy Metal” (NWOBHM). The heavy Metal lads from Birmingham have served us with twin lead guitar style, operatic vocals, leather and studs since 1969. Guitar player Glen Tipton was present without his twin-colleague K.K Downing, and that is a bummer specially since this is alleged to be their farewell tour. The new guy Ritchie Faulkner did a good job though, but still, it is never quite as nostalgic as when band has its original members. No rule without exception, of course.

I’m thinking that there was a time when Judas Priest was the hardest thing on this planet. Make no mistake, they are still “Metal Gods” but today one is more indoctrinated to more toleration when it comes to the hardness of Heavy Metal. The Judas Priest gig was clinical perfect. Very traditionally and with a nice atmosphere. Good…very good.

This is the statement from K.K Downing for leaving:

“Dear friends! It is with much regret that I will not be with you this summer. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your concerns about my health. Please rest assured that I am O.K. There has been an ongoing breakdown in working relationship between myself, elements of the band, and the band’s management for some time. Therefore I have decided to step down rather than to tour with negative sentiments as I feel that this would be a deception to you, our cherished fans. However I would urge you to please support the Priest as I have no doubt that it will be a show not to be missed.
All my love and respect.”

– Click pics to enlarge –

More groovy moments! THIN LIZZY. I pay no attention to mean reviews and complaints about them “only” being a simple cover band. I am completely sure that Phil Lynott is happily watching from up there and is content with what his old colleagues are doing here. It sounded very authentic and the sound and respect for the three Lizzy members (Gorham, Downey and Wharton) and the rest of the guys filling in, stand high. Great show!

– Click pics to enlarge –

– Click pics to enlarge –

Press conference with the band Down, featuring ex-Pantera singer Phil Anselmo among others.

God’s disciples Stryper also did a good show. The band sounded great and still amazes with awesome background vocals. Singer has not aged one bit and his brother and drummer, Robert Sweet, still carries his “Heather Locklear” hairdo and Barbie Ken teeth. We are swept back to the 80’s. Yellow/black stripes all over the stage and bibles to pass out to get at least some rockers to indemnify their mischiefs with the devil, next minute they indulge us with a cover song from the “Prince of darkness” himself, Ozzy’s “Over The Mountain”, he he he he, Controversy, controversy.

I only saw the three first songs of Mr Big. Then I had to run to the press tent and upload photos for a newspaper. So unfortunately I missed most of the show. But what I heard sounded good, very good. High pro musicians don’t do it any other way. The band hit us with classic songs like “Addicted To That Rush” and “Green Tinted Sixties Mind”. The return of this 90’s rock band was anticipated by many people. And what I heard they did not leave anybody disappointed. Good job!

Teletubby & Princess Leia

But what was up with Paul Gilbert’s gigantic hearing protection? He looked like a Teletubby or Leia of Star Wars. Why can’t he just wear normal earplugs like the rest of us? Jeepers creepers!!  he was sooo boring to look at. I do appreciate bands that give us a little more of the visual performance. Good thing they are such wonderful musicians and one is at least content to watch their fingers burning on the fretboard.

Paul Gilbert – A God on guitar with Teletubby look.

Eric Martin – Lead singer with broken arm  •••  Billy Sheehan – Master of the bass (here’s how he does it)

U.S classic Rock pioneers Kansas was exiting to see. A lot of rock, jazz and classical virtuous interactions going on with this band. The band made it huge 1976 with the album “Leftoverture”. Songs like “Carry On Wayward Son” and “Dust in the Wind” are still huge hits and beloved by millions of people. When I saw them in L.A. back in 1987, they had Steve Morse on guitar, and that was one of the best concerts I’ve attended. This concert was great and appreciated as well.


Classic members Steve Walsh and Rich Williams

David Ragsdale on violin and Billy Greer on bass.

This year’s Sweden Rock Festival in Sölvesborg was, like I’ve said before, the best in many years. The line-up, weather, vibes, organisation… everything was fantastic! Approx 33 000 rockers can’t be wrong. I among them had a blast!

I hope you enjoyed my live photos. Next post will be mingle pics!

Sweden Rock Festival 2011 – part I

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You know you are addicted and love rock n’ roll when you’re willing to sacrifice so much. You forget to eat and sleep because a band must be seen and heard. This year’s Sweden Rock Festival certainly was the best in many years. The vibes were truly amazing as usual. All these happy people, here,  for exactly the same reason… To embrace ROCK and all that comes with it.

So here we go! Same procedure as every year… first things first. Off to the accreditation booth to pick up the backstage passes and photo-vest given to a few lucky people from the press. That would be me! This year I am working for Borås Newspaper, together with writer Catalina, and website So expectations are high to take a few good photos for publishing. I hope you do enjoy some of them here. Ok, so no time to mess around. Schedule for the first day was Crashdïet and Hardcore Superstar. Not until the end of the show did I notice a picture of my big mouth nicely portrayed on the drummer of Hardcore Superstar, Adde’s, bass drum. he, he, he, cool! Made the show even better ; )

The rest of the festival days went on in the same spirit. Tempo got more intense as more bands were playing. My schedule was carefully adjusted to the following: Work, backstage & festival socializing, beer drinking and long quick cross walks between the three major stages to make it to the press pit in front of the stage to shoot some photos and enjoy the concert. So wonderful to meet friends from all over the world. Musicians, reporters, photographers, film teams, managers, groupies… fabulous rockers all around you. This is truly one of the highlights of the year.

So who did the best performance? Well let me put it like this; I had the highest expectations for Rob Zombie. A band I like a lot and whom I never seen live before. After a lame and boring press conference where Rob Zombie stated that he

knew nothing of Sweden and the swedish music business because he only lives in his own little bubble, I started to worry about how interesting the show was going to be. He arrived two hours late for the press conference. Did not bother to apologize and just seemed uninspired and eager to leave. Which he did after 10 minutes. Not one interesting word from the man who is alleged to be a “thinking mans dude”…

Mr Zombie @ the press conference

Anyway! All forgotten and forgiven, as ROB ZOMBIE did the BEST performance of Sweden Rock this year. I was enthusiastic and excited through the whole show. The visual aspect was totally crazy and amazing. Meticulously planned to every detail on stage. I mean what band comes up with the idea of even choreographing the poses on the microphone stands that were formed as skeletons. Ingenious thinking from every button on their fabulous outfits on stage to the make up on face and body. Even the simple backdrop portraying classic photos from the horror movies King Kong, Frankenstein and The Werewolf was eye-catching and appreciated. Sound and lightning? Perfect, even in daylight!
How about the music you ask? There is not a lot of bands you can shake your booty and headbang to at the same time. Tight and heavy one minute and sensually groovy with phrygian scales the next. Yes, of course this feeds my needs for oriental affection as well. There is nothing better than the combination of these two genres. Expectedly, that is why Rainbow’s “Gates of Babylon” and Rob Zombie’s ” Living Dead Girl” are two of my favorite songs. It is all about the “phrygian” scales. I was told this from an old boyfriend, Yngwie Malmsteen, he ought to know.

Photos: Tallee Savage
All rights reserved. Copyright © 2011.
Use without permission is unlawful

– Click pics to enlarge –

I saw more and I liked more. The festivals headliners, Ozzy came in second place as a favorite act. I have seen him before and expected no less from him. On the second song he decided to make a prank with all the photographers and people in the first row. He came out with a big fire extinguisher and squirted us with foam. I had been warned about this so I turned away, rescuing my beautiful camera in a second. Ozzy continued to jump like a frog and eager not to let anyone get away…  the staff on stage were an easy target.

Standing there close to the stage enjoying this classic icon, a very unprofessional thought passed through my mind. How I would rather go on a date with Ozzy, than David Coverdale, ha ha ha, an impossible thought 20 years ago. But after all he is the “Prince of Darkness” ; )

Ozzy delivered, as he should, being one of the most influential rock musicians of all time. It was Magic… pure Magic.

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Gus G (to the right) following the long tradition of excellent and beautiful guitar players such as Randy Rhoads, Jake E Lee and Zakk Wylde.

Audience, barking at the moon!

Joan Jett rockin’ the crowd with songs like “Do you want to Touch me”, ” I hate Myself for Loving you” & “Cherry Bomb”. Awesome party songs. Gorgeous lady, flirty as hell ; )
I’d like to dedicate these pictures to my friends Carin and Kattis who weren’t able to see the concert this time around.

I remember the first time I saw Queensrÿche back in 1983 in L.A. I was blown away by this bands music and Geoff Tate’s vocals.  The concept seemed so perfect and the music was something new. After that I have seen them live quite a few times in the 80’s and 90’s. To hear songs from the epic albums like the debut EP, “The Warning”, “Rage For Order”, “Operation Mindcrime”, “Empire” and so on was such a fantastic trip to Heavy Metal Heaven. They were untouchable! It could seem hard to reach to that level now again… perhaps. The new recordings don’t tickle the same nerve anymore and the show was unfortunately mediocre. Geoff Tate’s voice sounded tired and he had problems striking the high notes like he always used to. Maybe they had a bad day. But I for one will not forget or lose the respect I have for this band. I will see them again!

Ok folks!
This was Part ONE of this fabulous festival… there will be a Part two and three aswell : )

Any feedback on this? Were you there? I´d like to hear your opinion.

Rock on!

The.Blacklist@Café Opera

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It is cold in Sweden right now. You can either sit home in front of the fireplace and sip hot chocolate OR go to a club and get warm together with some good friends, chill with a cold one and listen to some ass-kicking rock ‘n’ roll.

The Blacklist is a fine rock club that appears on different locations and is run by Jonas Danielsson, a good friend of ours. Here are some of the pictures I took those nights.


November 6th, Bonafide (Pontus Snibb) was on the menu. Good old school heavy rock ‘n’ roll. A couple of weeks later Pontus’ sweetheart Mia Coldheart,  frontwoman and guitar player of Crucified Barbara did us the honor.

Beautiful Mia Coldheart of Crucified Barbara. I have seen them live many times. Love them every time. Hope to do a project with them soon  :)

Crucified Barbara’s website:

The Scams (Daniel Kvist) also played on December 2 –  My husband Matt and I just enjoying the evening at the posh bar and restaurant Café Opera in center Stockholm.

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