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SMITTAD – Johanna Strömqvist debut novel

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“I should never have gone to that party. If I had not gone, I would not have ended up in a crazy whirlwind of blood, terror and disasters”

That is the beginning to Johanna strömqvist 315 page debut novel ” Smittad” that came out before the summer on Bonnier. The first part in a series where the sequel is underway.
Johanna explains that she has had Buffy the vampire slayer as a main source of inspiration. And that history is fairly traditional but with a twist. It took her six months to write it. She says it is not a marketing ploy that the book happens to be about vampires, but it’s what she likes. “Rock and vampires.” So taking photographs for Johanna’s promotion for the book, was obvious to me. I’m also into this. As darkness emerges here tonight, I shall start reading myself.


  Author & Publishing editor: Johanna Strömqvist
Photo & Make Up: Tallee Savage

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