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Ludde – The Kool Kat

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295234_109224039226770_484624049_n I just lost a friend :( His name is Ludde Lindström – We all held on to the hope that he would beat his cancer, or at least gain a few more years. He wanted more time with his beloved 13-year-old son Oliver. But lost his battle and passed away a few days ago, on friday february 6. His best friend Nille Tholinder whom I kept close contact with, had called me the day before to tell me that Ludde now was unconscious… to sort of prepare me. I also sent Ludde a text message a few days before he passed away… I knew that he couldn’t read it, that he was to ill, but I felt like sending him a last big hug.

Ludde - Tio LivLudde was always somehow integrated in my life from time to time. Even when his soul seemed troubled and filled with anxiety over something, he always opened his heart and gave me the time of day. Business, relationships, music, politics, sports, women… etc. He had a genuine interest to listen and communicate. He was fun to hang out with too. His love for music, cats, A.I.K (Swedish football team), the color purple… the true interest in da rock biz. One thing he would not forget and understand was my complete un-interest in the his favorite band The Rolling Stones. He said I would learn when I grew up… Yes, maybe I will my friend :) He also always had lots of ideas for business. Good entrepreneur skills even if things didn’t always turn out the way he wanted them to. But at least he never gave up. He always fought and did everything to bring his ideas to life. Like the idea about writing a book about the not so entirely pleasant journey behind the scenes of the entertainment and restaurant business. The backside of beauty with threats, drugs, sex, money and violence – Tio Liv.

Tallee-KoolKat-PressBut for me Ludde’s interaction in my life was pretty much the same way as for many other people in Stockholm. Being the driving force and prominent figure behind the legendary Kool Kat Club – The no 1 rock club and a very important place and era for the majority of rockers back in the mid 80’s until mid 90’s here in Stockholm, Sweden. Together with his brother in arms Nille, he brought the club to success. And to me, and a lot of other friends, Kool Kat felt like home, from the day it opened on Kungsgatan back in 1986. This was the Mecka of rock’n’roll where I believe a lot of people perhaps had the most enjoyable period when it comes to Stockholm’s nightlife, where you could just chill and/or party and discuss the latest in the Rock and Metal scene. Famous and upcoming bands performed there as well. The place grew in popularity every year, hitting it’s peak in 88’-90, I believe, when moving in to Strömsborg Mansion in Gamla Stan (Old Town). The club was amazing; Huge with red carpets everywhere, crystal chandeliers, two dance floors, the best Dj’s. Maximum luxury with a long line of people patiently waiting to get in. This was the Rock Castle and the place for all Kool Kats to hang out. And I did! So often that Ludde finally said – You are here so often that I think I might as well hire you to work for me :) So I became his secretary in 1992 and I helped him and Michael Wiberg with the release of their new magazine Kool Kat News.

In 1993 Kool Kat moved to a new place on Strandvägen – Dixie Queen – a huge Mississippi style steamroller moored in central Stockholm. Right before the time when grunge music killed it all. The fun, the colorful, the positive, the happy era of Hardrock came to an end.. or so we thought. Ludde would talk about this often… it made it hard for Kool Kat to continue, at least with the same spirit as before. But I got one last thing out of the ending era of Kool Kat. I met my husband Mattias at Dixie Queen in march 1993. Ludde called me the day after and wondered who the lucky prince was and I told him it was one I intended to keep :) No courting and no dating <3 . We fell in love from the first second and became a couple at Kool Kat 22 years ago. Ludde found this to be both incomprehensible and hilarious. Our last long conversations where about his son Oliver. How much he loves him and how much he wanted to keep fighting to recover and be there for him. He was so utterly happy about coming to take photos in my studio with his son but the same day that we had arrangements for this, he sadly got very ill and taken to the hospital and never really recovered. He left earth life two months after, with his friend Nille holding his hand and to the song Lady Jane by The Rollings Stones. At ease and in peace! For me this means an era has passed on.

I’d like to say that I miss him and that he made a substantial effect both for me and for many others I think. He had a wonderful laugh and was full of energy. He was real fighter and he will not be forgotten. My love and sympathies to his family and other friends, but most of all his son Oliver <3

tallee-signRock on my friend – You were truly THE Kool Kat!

P.S If you have any stories or memories with Ludde or from Kool Kat. Please share them with us! In Swedish or in English works good!

Tallee-burgundy-1987 Tallee-Mimmi 1987
Fluffy hair and ready to Rock with my best friend Mimmi. On our way to Kool Kat in 1987

My husband Mattias and I back in 1993. On our way to… you know where :)

Ludde Lindström - Tallee Savage 1993
This photo was taken during lunch break when I was working for Ludde and Kool Kat News in 1993.

Ludde Lindström - Tallee Savage - 2004PastedGraphic-19
A new effort to start Kool Kat in 2004. With Ludde at KGB and with my <3 Mattias at Stacy’s.

Kool Kat Facebook Header Electric Boys
Poster and add for Kool Kat at Bryggarsalen 16 november 2012 Electric Boys played that night. Wonderful gig!

Ludde with his best friend & partner in Rock ‘n’ Roll, Nille. Photo session we had in May 2013.

Kool Kat Flyer
Poster for Kool Kat at H 62.

Electric Boys at Rival Theatre

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Electric Boys Logotype

Me and my friend Jen had a special invitation to the presentation of Electric Boys new album at the eminent Rival Hotel owned by Benny Andersson, the ABBA legend.

The hotel has a gorgeous movie theater where Electric Boys played their new songs for the first time. First thing that struck me was how beautiful the backdrop was. The layout, logo and colors. Really eye-catching. Their whole appearance and performance was very cool and groovy. Conny brings my thoughts to  Jimi Hendrix. A loud psychedelic rock star with a very compelling way of playing. Together as  a group they are tight and their live act is a versatile mix of storytelling and music.

The first half of the set with the new songs and the second half with the old . Can’t say that I’ve ever been to  a concert where I enjoyed songs that I had never heard before so much. They were really awesome and I can’t wait for the new album to come out. I will be back with the release date as soon as I find out. I did find out what the names of my favorite new songs were though. Father Popcorn’s Magic Oysters, Sometimes You Gotta Go Look For The Car, Nowhere To Go But Up and Reeferlord.

A little bit about the group: Electric boys is one of the first bands from the funk-metal-psychedelia-phenomenon of the ’80s & ’90s. They formed in 1988. They have made four albums and one “Best of” that was released on 2009.

This is simply brilliant. I would try to catch a show if I were you. For tour dates check Electric Boys MySpace/ web page

Electric Boys, Conny, Andy

Two pics of Conny Bloom and Andy Christell that I took in Västerås 2009.

— • —

With Conny Bloom And Mats Levén – I also want to have curly hair : )

— • —

(Left) With Stevie Klasson, of Stevie Klasson’s Black Weeds & Diamond Dogs. (Right) My new friend Erik Stenemo (Melody Club & Casablanca) Aaaawesome guy. With a big investigation to pursued; Who bought that mysterious shot?

— • —

Jen’s and my fingers shows that we are making a statement. Can´t remember what about though.

— • —

The boys themselves (Photo: Micke Johansson)

— • —

Alice Cooper in Västerås, Sweden

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Matt and I drove to Västerås to meet up with Keri Kelli. We decided to get there early and show up at the in-store appearance where they were signing albums. It was him and Chuck Garric from Alice Cooper, Conny Bloom and Andy Christell from Electric Boys and Ryan Roxie & Anton Körberg from Roxie 77.

When they were done we took Keri to a restaurant to eat,  have a couple of beers before the gig and catch up on the latest.

I have been friends with Keri ever since 1988. I was living in Huntington Beach and so was Keri. We used to hang out with mutual friends. He was only 16 but a talented guitar player even back then. Over the years he has been in several bands; Slash’s Snakepit (Also featuring Slash from Guns N Roses), Skid Row, Vince Neil Band, Ratt, Warrant, L.A. Guns, Pretty Boy Floyd, Adler’s Appetite, Dad’s Porno Mag, The Newlydeads, Love/Hate, Saints of the Underground, Phucket, Alice Cooper & Liberty & Justice.

A very good friend and a total sweetheart. On his webbpage you can find out more about him. Keri has also just opened “Aces & Ales” restaurant and craft beer bar in Las Vegas, Nevada. So that should be a killer place to visit : D

Keri & Tallee

Keri & Tallee

Keri Kelli, Chuck Garret, Andy Christell, Conny Bloom

Chuck and Keri signing away… along with Andy & Conny of Electric Boys

Mattias Savage Wilmenius, Keri Kelli, Tallee Savage

Here’s a guy that does not need any further introduction… Mr Alice Cooper.

Alice Cooper


Alice Cooper


Keri Kelli

Keri Kelli


Tallee Savage, JenHell

Waiting for Keri to take a shower and come down and say hi after the show.
We had a long drive back to Stockholm.


Electric Boys in Västerås

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I saw Electric Boys in the beginning of the 90’s. Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride was a big succes. They split up for several years, Conny and Andy joined Hanoi Rocks. But now they reunited the band with all original members and I am glad to see these boys back toghether again.

Conny Bloom, Electric Boys

Conny Bloom

— • —

Andy Christell, Electric Boys

Andy Christell

— • —

Conny Bloom, Andy Christell, Electric Boys, Tallee Savage Photo

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