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Christmas 2014

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In a wink it was gone! Now it’s only one year until next time. I really can’t complain though as my chilean/american christmas lasts for three beautiful days. Same procedure as every year. Only this year we were 18 people, one more person with my sister Violeta’s and Roger’s baby Yindi Lo. It was nice, time of peace and good cheer with all political talk left aside (this year). It’s not easy being the chatelaine I tell you, it takes me a few weeks to prepare everything and when everybody leaves after three days I look like a troll doll (penntroll). The house is now quiet and as I sit in front of the fireplace relaxing, I do find myself missing everybody. I really LOVE having my big family around me <3

tallee-signI hope you all had a marvelous, wonderful, restful Christmas too. Here are some photos I took while doing our christmas photo sessions. First out is my daughter Adina.

Familj-Jul2014Adina, Tallee & Elizia Savage

Adina X-mas_2-logo Adina X-mas_3-logo
Adina Savage

Adina X-mas_1x-logo

Adina X-mas_4x-logo  Adina X-mas_5x-logo

Adina X-mas_6-logo Adina-X-mas_7

Adina X-mas_collage

– Behind the scenes –

Adina-Lizzy X-mas_2 Adina-Mattias-Lizzy X-mas_1

        Lizzy & Adina                                 Adina, Mattias & Elizia Savage

Adina-Tallee-Lizzy X-mas_1Adina, Tallee & Lizzy

Adina-Tallee-Lizzy X-mas_2x
Adina, Tallee & Lizzy

Fairy Tale Portraits

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Elizia ten years old (Nine at the time we took this photos) is back to school and ready to tackle new adventures and projects.

She loves being in front of the camera and is actually the only model who charges me for photographing her. Ten dollars for every photo session. Keeping meticulous notes and saving it in her piggy bank. Quite the business girl already :)

I made the purple dress sometime early 2000 for my older daughter Adina while I still had my “Little Savage Design” clothing company going.

The fairy tale portraits are taken in the “Savage Beauty Studios” in Stockholm, Sweden.

If you are interested in me photographing you or your child, please contact me favorably by e-mail:

Model: Elizia Savage

Photo & Styling: Tallee Savage

Lizzy the silver kitty

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Look how much fun my daughter and I had with make up and the inspiration of a silver cat.405979_488997294475277_2053821612_n


Photo & Make up: Tallee Savage
Graphics: Mattias Savage





Smålands gathering # 7

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After a three-hour drive we finally hit Mariannelund in the regions of Småland. This is the seventh gathering that our friends Boel and Jörgen Lundh put together. Where 50 photographers, models, make up artist, graphic designers meet to have a good time. And to learn more in the process. My schedule was very tight this year. Since I am there as photographer, make up artist as well as a model my self. I was a busy little bee. But this year I made sure to have time to talk to all the wonderful people who showed up. I also attended the well-informative Photoshop course with Anders Jensen from the company Moderskeppet.

So here is the first session I made. My first shot was with model Chris Kristiansson. Good old fashion in front of the beautiful stone wall that surrounded Hässleby church in Mariannelund. I decided to make them black and white, simply because I like the classic and art appeal. The lines, shadows and contrast get more attention while nothing distracting our brain to think about colors.

Photos & Make up: Tallee Savage
Assistants: Mattias & Elizia Savage

– Click pics to enlarge –

Thank you Jörgen and Boel Lundh for a very pleasant and successful weekend.

Princess Fiona

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Anybody who has seen the animated comedy film Shrek will recognize the fabulous Princess Fiona. That was cursed to live as a ogress at sunset and human by day. She’s the best “kick-a” princess that’s ever been!  My daughter Elizia can personate just about anybody. Even a ogre princess with black belt karate skills that farts and bulges with no pardon. Being a little ogre herself, she has a hard time sitting still and the green make up was all over the bathroom. Nevertheless, we had plenty of fun doing this shoot.

Model: Elizia Savage
Photo & Make up: Tallee Savage
Graphics: Mattias Savage Wilmenius
Wardrobe: Independent Kostym

Elizia is extatic about her new look. Lots of laught while doing the ogre make up.

Lizzy is a Punk Rocker

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I am not the only one in my family that likes to clown around. My daughter Elizia is a little punk rocker today and gives her tribute this fundamentally, political and very distinguishable sub-culture that began in England in the years between 1976-1980 as a reaction of the pretentiousness of the prevailing bands of the mid 70s. The economy of the United Kingdom was in poor shape. Youth where out of work, angry, rebellious and had strong opinions and all this emerged the beginning of punk fashion. In 1981 punk’s entity was almost dead, but it’s influence lives on in a lot of rock and pop band today.

– Click pics to enlarge –

Photo: Tallee Savage – Graphics: Mattias Savage
– Savage Beauty Photographic Art –


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What a week!  I started off with a cold from hell and now my head feels like it is filled with cotton. I am blessed with good health and I very rarely get sick, my last cold was probably two years ago. So yes, unaccustomed to this, I do feel a little bit sorry for myself. I haven’t been to the gym in over a week, and for that I punish myself with some extra chocolates. Can’t stay in bed and relax either, because the house is starting to look like a war zone. The kids teachers, doctors and so on also claim their important time. PDA meetings, hockey practice, ADD follow ups. and such things. Besides I am working as a temp this week on Flodell Film, which is a production company for commercials and films here in Stockholm.

But in the middle of this chaos joyful things happen. Things that make me happy and that relieves stress. Little things like feeling the great energy just by cleaning of my working desk at home. Empty it completely and just keep what really matters. Create a fresh start. Another positive and wonderful thing is seeing your kids develop nicely into their own little selves.

Let me see…  what else?… Oh yes a very drastic but not so unexpected idea came up. To set up a photo studio in our home and to buy the camera of my dreams. I will tell you more about it later. But this is a step towards a new and wider career, or whatever one may call it.

Beside from the Swedish election that is just around the corner, we have been to a beautiful wedding and to some nostalgic concerts. I have to check if I have any good pictures from the events to show.

But for now I would like to leave you with a project I wanted to do with my daughter Elizia. Photos are taken by my good friend Jen and Matt got the graphics to rock’n’roll.

This is a different kind of angel, just like Elizia.

Model: Elizia Savage
Photo: JenHell
Graphics: Mattias Savage

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