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Latex from Skullsmoke

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Good evening everyone! Here I am doing some modeling with a very comfy latex outfit from Scullsmoke. Ideal on a rainy day ;) hi hi hi 

Model: Tallee Savage 
Photo: Göran Magnusson
Graphics: Mattias Savage
Outfit made by Adam Madsen
© Savage Beauty - Photo: Göran Magnusson
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© Savage Beauty - Photo: Göran Magnusson © Savage Beauty - Photo: Göran Magnusson
tallee-stewardess5 © Savage Beauty - Photo: Göran Magnusson


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When I was a little girl I had a dream of becoming a gym teacher. The fact that I had top grades in physical training was obviously not enough. The competition was heavy and you needed high grades in all subjects to get a degree. But I loved sports in school and I never missed classes. I longed to play basketball, baseball and all the other athletic activities. In the evenings I practiced artistic and team gymnastics. I competed and trained very hard. I was foolish enough to quit when I was 15. As an adult I became a gymnastic instructor and took care of many talented young gymnasts who still compete today. I was also a goalie through my thirties in floorball (innebandy, a popular swedish sport). Oh how I miss those days of sweat, teamwork and the adrenaline rush. Nowadays I settle with workout classes at the gym and belly dancing since many years.

About the images: Not that much to say, except that me, Göran and Mattias are playing around with the light, poses and editing.

Model: Tallee Savage
Photo: Göran Magnusson
Graphics: Mattias Savage

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Alyce Designs (Teal)

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This beautiful evening gown is off-the-shoulder with a radiating beadwork from the Alyce Design company based in Chicago. Alice Hamm has won dozens of industry awards and is nationally recognized for its “Distinguished Excellence” in prom, bridal and special occasions gowns.

I really like the color of this dress. “Teal” is a fancy name for the cross between blue and green. It is a unique color that you don’t find in a lot of items. A very low-saturated color that is believed to have been taken from the small freshwater “Common Teal”, a member of the duck family whose eyes are surrounded by this color.

Photographs of me are taken by photographer Göran Magnusson.

Location is an old barn from 1815 in Mariannelund, Småland in the southern parts of Sweden.

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In the heart of Mariannelund in Sweden lays a creek in the middle of a flourishing beautiful peaceful forest. That is the place that me and photographer Göran Magnusson chose for this photo session autumn 2011.

I got this burgundy medieval inspired dress at a second-hand store in San Francisco. I believe it is made sometime between 1940s-1960s. It is quite heavy and made of nice quality velvet. The color is really divine.

My daughter Elizia loving every inch of the forest. Enjoying the great number of insects and animals.

he he he… Two funny photos. Elizia with biiig curious eyes and my husband Matt checking out the skull.

Posing with the Enemy

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When I took these photos I was suffering from a bad allergy from birch pollen. Cleareyes helped for a couple of minutes and then make up was running down my face.
This meant runny and itching eyes from hell. A wonderful season that becomes a rather unpleasant period when the high pollen levels are reported. It was not always like this. I was 18 years old when all of a sudden I became allergic to one of the dearest and most important things in my life – animals. Not all of them, but the furry ones. I was devastated, but eventually I came to peace with the idea of just being able to cuddle with them often but not having one in my home. My symptoms are asthma, not bloodshot eyes or a runny nose, therefore I can ride a horse for hours or cuddle with dogs and cats a whole evening without problems. But I can’t spend 24/7 with them.

My birch pollen allergy started when I was over 35 and this pisses me off. Seams kind of unnecessary at my age. What else does mother nature have up her sleeve for me? Most experts agree that is a matter of environment and life style and not a matter of biological changes. You hear about the claim that air pollution, which has increased gradually since the beginning of industrialization makes allergens more aggressive. This might explain why most allergy sufferers live in the city. But the complex of it all seems to be that the poorer you live, the healthier you are. Farmer children in rich industrial countries have more allergies than farmer children in poor agricultural countries. Are we to clean? I don’t know. There are a lot of unanswered questions and the progress of allergies is still considered a riddle.

Now I have heard about “allergy shots” for years? The treatment that consists of a series of injections containing small amounts of allergy shots. I have heard of stunning results. What have you heard? Do you have any experience with this?

The photos are taken in Småland, in the south part of Sweden, by photographer Göran Magnusson.

I also speak Swedish and Spanish as many of you already know. So you can write in those languages here too, if you wish.

Psychedelic Haze

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Nope… I don’t like mushrooms of any sort. Liberal in many things but very conservative when it comes to any kind of drugs. I get very high on life as it is, thank you : )

Now,why did I think of that? Well, simply because these pictures came out somewhat psychedelic and I looove the 70’s and I just discovered this artist from San Diego. Check out her painting of the cat below. Isn’t groovy? ♥ Her name is Sinclair Stratton. I have seen some of her spectacular water paints and they are wild. A wide spectrum of colors and psychedelic dance of contrast and passion for furry creatures. She has a special fascination for the cats and felines.

– Click pics to enlarge –

Model & Make Up: Tallee Savage
Photo: Göran Magnusson
Graphics: Mattias Savage

Art by: Sinclair Stratton


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I am not much for war and weapons, but a bandoleer is very much rock ‘n’ roll. I was 14 years old when I got my first bandoleer, in the beginning of the 80s. But in those days I  had the good sense of wearing pants, ha ha ha ha… Anyway, the bandoleer was high fashion for rockers at the time but I was pretty much the only girl that wore one. So many memories…

However, there’s not much depth and thoughts behind this photo session, besides just being a simple pin-up session with some good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll spirit.

The name Savage on my t-shirt is my real name. Lots of people have asked me, over the years, where and when I got it… but I was born a “Savage”. My dad’s name was John Savage.

You all have a wonderful day, evening or night. Depending on what country or state you are reading this from. Here in Sweden it’s way past midnight, but since I am a nocturnal I will go watch some TV.

Special thanks to Göran Magnusson for capturing the moment and Mattias Wilmenius for his awesome graphics.

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Secret Agent

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When I model I pretty much get into the role of the character that is chosen. You have to get rid of the shyness, face the fear and feel the teamwork with the photographer. Once comfortable in front of the camera the possibilities are endless. It is just like acting and it’s really a lot of fun.

Here I am as a secret agent working for a federal law enforcement agency. Providing protection for someone… or something… can’t think of anything now… Cats maybe? I did take care of alley cats years ago. Fed and protected them and found their right owners again, or new ones. I was twelve years old then… I did like that feeling : )

Photo: Göran Magnusson – Graphics: Mattias Savage Wilmenius

So much fun to play around with Photoshop, isn’t it?

Other female agent characters enforcing justice… huah…

These pictures were taken by photographer Camil in 2008. Mattias did the graphics inspired by comic strips.

1940s & 1950s Undergarment

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The Second World War had a major impact on clothing and undergarment. The first appearance of the panty-girdle and bullet bra in the 40’s appealed to both patriotism and protection and had a major impact on military women.  In the 1950’s, glamour became important to women as they had been deprived of this throughout the Second World War. Panty-girdles and bullet bras were essential garments and a definitive part of 40’s and 50’s culture and rose to popularity when worn by many Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe and Lana Turner. Although the bullet bra accentuated bust line and woman’s curves and assets, the girdle created a rigid, controlled figure that was seen respectable and modest.

These pictures of me are taken by photographer Göran Magnusson and edited by graphic designer Mattias Wilmenius. Clothes are from Independent Kostym.

Not only our mothers wore these formidable panty girdles. The trend goes back further as the girdles were considered essential garments by many women from about 1920 to the late 1960’s. Don’t you just love this photo?

California Jam

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I must have watched this concert on video about a couple of hundred times. Everytime I find it an exhilarating experience and think about how magnificent it must have been to have been there to see Deep Purple’s (Mk3) “California Jam” from April 6th, 1974. The festival was in Ontario and attracted 400,000 happy fans.

I love the distinctive funky edge that Glenn and Mr Coverdale blend in. They worked so good together. And Wow… Ritchie Blackmore blowing up the stage is priceless, but Glenn Hughes’ charismatic stage presence and wonderful voice is what has made my heart and head spin for a couple of decades now. The musicianship and charisma are unrivaled, and also I could never get that white bell-bottom suit that he wore out of my mind.

So you could pretty much say he inspired me for this photo session I did with photographer Göran Magnusson.



white-suite6 white-suite7

white-suite9 white-suite8

Unfortunately I never did see the set up with Glenn in Deep Purple, but I did see him in concert with former Pat Travers guitarist Pat Thrall in the duo Hughes/Thrall in L.A back in 1983 : )

Ooooh you must take a couple of minutes to see this. Deep Purples “Burn” from Carlifornia Jam.

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