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Took these photos for Thrash Metal band Altair.

The band was started back in 1997 by drummer Daniel Hållams and bassist Martin Forssman who knew each other from school. The musical style of the band at that point in time was speed metal with clean vocals and only some elements of thrash. Music gradually turned more aggressive and is today considered Thrash Metal \m/

2015 © Savage Photography - Photo: Tallee Savage

Altair / Savage Photography

2015 © Savage Photography - Photo: Tallee Savage


Altair – 2015 © Savage Photography - Photo: Tallee Savage

Photo: Tallee Savage

10556522_409505212522362_288735056341686033_nFrom Altair’s 2014 EP – Ice Cream Man>>

PH Andersson – Vocals
Kalle Stenberg – Guitar
Michel Isberg – Guitar
Martin Forsman – Bass
Daniel Hållams – Drums


Press contact:



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When I was a little girl I had a dream of becoming a gym teacher. The fact that I had top grades in physical training was obviously not enough. The competition was heavy and you needed high grades in all subjects to get a degree. But I loved sports in school and I never missed classes. I longed to play basketball, baseball and all the other athletic activities. In the evenings I practiced artistic and team gymnastics. I competed and trained very hard. I was foolish enough to quit when I was 15. As an adult I became a gymnastic instructor and took care of many talented young gymnasts who still compete today. I was also a goalie through my thirties in floorball (innebandy, a popular swedish sport). Oh how I miss those days of sweat, teamwork and the adrenaline rush. Nowadays I settle with workout classes at the gym and belly dancing since many years.

About the images: Not that much to say, except that me, Göran and Mattias are playing around with the light, poses and editing.

Model: Tallee Savage
Photo: Göran Magnusson
Graphics: Mattias Savage

– Click pics to enlarge –

Welcome To The Freakshow

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Sorry for lagging with my blogging. I will try to do better now. These past couple of months I have worked close with Swedish rock band FATAL SMILE.

I shot the photos and did the make up and Mattias did the editing for their upcoming album, entitled “21st Century Freaks“. To be released on April 27 via Metallville Records.

The first single “Welcome To The Freakshow” will be released in March.

Mr. Y – Guitar, Blade – Vocals, Philty – Drums, Alx – Bass

The actual video shoot was crazy and massive. I got pretty busy doing both the boys make up and preparing for my own little special appearance, dancing with a beautiful snake : )

The video is directed by Owe Lindwall. Now, he has done some utterly cool stuff with bands like Kamelot, The Rasmus and Meshuggah just to name a few.

But for now you must check out Fatal Smile’s trailer for the new upcoming video of the song “Welcome to the Freakshow”.

Some “Behind the Scenes” shots

A cute little hairless rat.

—–   •   —–

The beautiful boa constrictor “Lotta”

Killer Smile

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A job we did a while back with Swedish hard rock band Killer Smile.

Photo & Make up: Tallee Savage
Graphics: Mattias Savage

MySpace >
Facebook >

Guitars: Bosse Carlande & Einar Dofs • Drums: Love • Vocals & bass: Patrik Carlberg

Singer & Bassplayer Patrik Carlberg

Love on the air drums

Crucified Barbara

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There’s something special when groups composed solely of women emerge with the event of rock and roll. I remember being very fond of Suzi Quatro and The Runaways who must have been among the first female bands that got signed to a record label in the 70’s. “Heavy Metal” is of course a subjective term based on individual definition. But in the 80’s there was a bunch of all-girl-metal bands that I judged by different criterias. Unfortunately I found a lot of bands like Madam X, Lee Aaron and Girlschool being not so very good. To me the band Heart were the eternal, reigning queens of Hard rock.

Anyway … we had the pleasure of working with these lovely beautiful ladies – Crucified Barbara – This ass kicking band are a lot more hard-core than most of their boy-fellow colleagues in da biz.  Being around since 1998 and signed to GMR Music Group in Stockholm. They have released two albums,  “In Distortion We Trust” 2005 and ‘Til Death Do Us Party” 2009. I have seen them live on numerous occasions, never being left disappointed. So check them out!

Hope you like the photos :)

Photo: Tallee Savage
Graphics: Mattias Savage

The current lineup is:
Mia Coldheart – Vocals & Guitar
Klara Force  – Guitar
Ida Evileye  – Bass
Nicki Wicked  – Drums

CORRODED at Baltiska Hallen, Malmö, Sweden

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Effectively enough my model photo shoot in Malmö turned out to be on the same date as Corroded was playing live there, at Baltiska Hallen.  So I paid them a visit and took some live shots. Headlining this night was Avenge Sevenfold which have notably proclaimed a world wide mainstream success. With extra appreciation due to the fact that the extremely creative and technical ex Dream Theater super drummer, Mike Portnoy was hammering away. But… STILL I would say that it was Corroded’s great show and magnificent songs that gave the biggest kick this evening!

Check them out on MySpace >>
Single track “Piece by Piece” from new album here >>
Buy the album here >>

All photos by: Tallee Savage

Power chord from Fredrik, a G maybe?   •   Bjarne with a striking resemblance to Mickey Rourke

Corroded are:
Jens Westin: Vocals, GuitarFredrik Westin: GuitarPeter Sjödin: Guitar
Bjarne Elvsgård
: BassPer Soläng: Drums

Jens warming up and Bjarne doing som maintenance on his bass backstage.


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Swedish rock band Corroded have released what is unquestionably one of the best albums I’ve heard in a long time. In my opinion, there are no weak moments here.

Every song on “Exit to transfer” hits you from a different angle with good variety and catchy riffs. Melodic hard rock or true heavy Metal in your face… but still with a sexy rock’n’roll essence that makes  you want to listen more and more…

It is hard to choose a favorite song here, but one that touches my hardcore nerve is “Forget about me”. Some metal blast and growl from singer Jens here, but in general this is a hard rock oriented album with very exquisite music that left me curious enough to go see what the lads where able to pull off live last friday at the venue “Klubben” in Stockholm. I undoubtedly believe this group is heading for greater dimensions because they were simply top-notch live also.

Check them out on MySpace >>
Single track “Piece by Piece” from new album here >>
Buy the album here >>

All photos by: Tallee Savage

Corroded are:
Jens Westin: Vocals, GuitarFredrik Westin: GuitarPeter Sjödin: Guitar
Bjarne Elvsgård
: BassPer Soläng: Drums


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This week, Aftonbladet (a Swedish newspaper) revealed the news about a unique project called “Sweden United”. This is a  collaboration between various rock artists like Meshuggah, Dead By April, Nightwish, Soilwork, Scarpoint, Clawfinger, Lillasyster, Evergrey, Pain and Hypocrisy. The idea came from Scarpoint’s drummer Erik Thyselius. He was reading an article about a boy in third grade that had been bullied and physically abused, and project “Sweden United” was born.

Read the article >>>

All the money generated from this song will go to anti-bulliying organisations. The single “Open your Eyes” hits the stores on October 11th but you can already listen to it here… and then buy the single of course. A great cause and a very good song too. It’s hard to close your eyes when you know these kind of things happen every day. Kids can be very cruel and so can adults, but when this goes on in school where you think children are safe, well it is just very, very sad and heartbreaking : (  And no one should be ignorant about the reality of the matter, that there is a lot of abuse going on out there. Everything from name calling to harassment and bodily harm. The latest is bullying through your cellular. This is such a big problem that many schools have prohibited Cellular phones.

Below is a photo session we did here at Savage Studios with Scarpoint. Also check out the video at the bottom of the post.

Make Up: Tallee Savage
Photo: JenHell
Art designer: JenHell & Mattias Savage Wilmenius

— • —


Watch the making-of video of the making and interviews and listen to the song “Open your Eyes”. Awesome chorus line!


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I think I am ready to make my declaration: AC/DC is undoubtably one of the greatest rock bands ever!

These aussies make hard blues-driven rock and they have always stuck to their strength instead of branching out and jumping on the trendy-train. The “heavy rock” remains the same while other bands bent out of shape to fit the 70’s glam, the 80’s curly hair, spandex and poses and the 90’s flannel dudes grunge eras. Nothing wrong with that… but I am just saying that I think it is so cool that AC/DC stuck to their thing. Even with the change of singers after Bon Scott left this world, it was with a seamless flow from earlier records. There was never like in Van Halen, a David Lee Roth vs. Sammy Hagar situation. There was never such a drastic change to the band’s sound. Someone said that comparing the two singers would be like asking who do you love more, your mother or your father. But still…  if someone asked me…I would have to say that Bon was an amazing frontman and that the five years he gave us were magical. But they both rock : )

There was a huge train on stage, accompanied with two giant caps with devil’s horns on the stage roof, which synchronized with the miniature versions on thousands of heads in the audience. This was my fifth AC/DC concert to date. This gig took place at Stockholm Stadion. And I can tell you, they have yet to disappoint. I just loooove Oisay Dayse.

Anybody else seen them live?

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