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Alice Cooper in Västerås, Sweden

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Matt and I drove to Västerås to meet up with Keri Kelli. We decided to get there early and show up at the in-store appearance where they were signing albums. It was him and Chuck Garric from Alice Cooper, Conny Bloom and Andy Christell from Electric Boys and Ryan Roxie & Anton Körberg from Roxie 77.

When they were done we took Keri to a restaurant to eat,  have a couple of beers before the gig and catch up on the latest.

I have been friends with Keri ever since 1988. I was living in Huntington Beach and so was Keri. We used to hang out with mutual friends. He was only 16 but a talented guitar player even back then. Over the years he has been in several bands; Slash’s Snakepit (Also featuring Slash from Guns N Roses), Skid Row, Vince Neil Band, Ratt, Warrant, L.A. Guns, Pretty Boy Floyd, Adler’s Appetite, Dad’s Porno Mag, The Newlydeads, Love/Hate, Saints of the Underground, Phucket, Alice Cooper & Liberty & Justice.

A very good friend and a total sweetheart. On his webbpage you can find out more about him. Keri has also just opened “Aces & Ales” restaurant and craft beer bar in Las Vegas, Nevada. So that should be a killer place to visit : D

Keri & Tallee

Keri & Tallee

Keri Kelli, Chuck Garret, Andy Christell, Conny Bloom

Chuck and Keri signing away… along with Andy & Conny of Electric Boys

Mattias Savage Wilmenius, Keri Kelli, Tallee Savage

Here’s a guy that does not need any further introduction… Mr Alice Cooper.

Alice Cooper


Alice Cooper


Keri Kelli

Keri Kelli


Tallee Savage, JenHell

Waiting for Keri to take a shower and come down and say hi after the show.
We had a long drive back to Stockholm.


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