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Alyce Designs (Teal)

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This beautiful evening gown is off-the-shoulder with a radiating beadwork from the Alyce Design company based in Chicago. Alice Hamm has won dozens of industry awards and is nationally recognized for its “Distinguished Excellence” in prom, bridal and special occasions gowns.

I really like the color of this dress. “Teal” is a fancy name for the cross between blue and green. It is a unique color that you don’t find in a lot of items. A very low-saturated color that is believed to have been taken from the small freshwater “Common Teal”, a member of the duck family whose eyes are surrounded by this color.

Photographs of me are taken by photographer Göran Magnusson.

Location is an old barn from 1815 in Mariannelund, Småland in the southern parts of Sweden.

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Smålands gathering # 7

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After a three-hour drive we finally hit Mariannelund in the regions of Småland. This is the seventh gathering that our friends Boel and Jörgen Lundh put together. Where 50 photographers, models, make up artist, graphic designers meet to have a good time. And to learn more in the process. My schedule was very tight this year. Since I am there as photographer, make up artist as well as a model my self. I was a busy little bee. But this year I made sure to have time to talk to all the wonderful people who showed up. I also attended the well-informative Photoshop course with Anders Jensen from the company Moderskeppet.

So here is the first session I made. My first shot was with model Chris Kristiansson. Good old fashion in front of the beautiful stone wall that surrounded Hässleby church in Mariannelund. I decided to make them black and white, simply because I like the classic and art appeal. The lines, shadows and contrast get more attention while nothing distracting our brain to think about colors.

Photos & Make up: Tallee Savage
Assistants: Mattias & Elizia Savage

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Thank you Jörgen and Boel Lundh for a very pleasant and successful weekend.

Ælven in Småland

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Sussi Sri is Born in Jakarta, Indonesia but came to Sweden in a small bundle 29 year ago. She is currently studying law and wants to work in the field of criminal law in the future, preferably with the police or judicial system. I have known Sussi for a few years. We met through a model community site which we both are members in. She lives in another part of Sweden with her norwegian fiancé, who is also a photographer and friend of mine. A really cool couple. I have come to understand that Sussi is not only a very beautiful model, but a smart and purposeful woman. We communicate through chat and I get to hear what spins her heart and brain and what her plans for the future are.

On a few occasions I have done her make up for other model engagements. But on these photos I am not only behind the make up but also the camera. Location is in the southern parts of Sweden in the province of Småland. In the deep forest  in Mariannelund to be accurate. I had to work very quick on this session because Sussi does not like bugs and of course she saw them everywhere and freaked out from time to time, as you can see in the last picture. Her fiancé Jan did his best to convince her that there was nothing there. Besides bugs and all, I think we came through with the right feeling on the photos. A beautiful ælven in a mystic and peaceful atmosphere with pristine surroundings with lots of green colors. Gives me a feeling of tranquility and harmony. Hope you agree!

Model: Sussi Sri
Photo & Make up: Tallee Savage
Assistants: Jan Monsen, Mattias and Elizia Savage

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In the heart of Mariannelund in Sweden lays a creek in the middle of a flourishing beautiful peaceful forest. That is the place that me and photographer Göran Magnusson chose for this photo session autumn 2011.

I got this burgundy medieval inspired dress at a second-hand store in San Francisco. I believe it is made sometime between 1940s-1960s. It is quite heavy and made of nice quality velvet. The color is really divine.

My daughter Elizia loving every inch of the forest. Enjoying the great number of insects and animals.

he he he… Two funny photos. Elizia with biiig curious eyes and my husband Matt checking out the skull.


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Here are some pictures that photographer Leo Erdfelt took of me this summer in Mariannelund. I like his work a lot because he has a crisp and mystic feeling over his work that brings out every little detail in the surroundings and clothes. He calles it ExtremeDesign and gives more a reflection over the environment that you are placed in, rather than only the person in the picture. In this case we where in a forest in the foundation of an old burnt down building. Killer editing, thank you Leo.

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