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Took these photos for Thrash Metal band Altair.

The band was started back in 1997 by drummer Daniel Hållams and bassist Martin Forssman who knew each other from school. The musical style of the band at that point in time was speed metal with clean vocals and only some elements of thrash. Music gradually turned more aggressive and is today considered Thrash Metal \m/

2015 © Savage Photography - Photo: Tallee Savage

Altair / Savage Photography

2015 © Savage Photography - Photo: Tallee Savage


Altair – 2015 © Savage Photography - Photo: Tallee Savage

Photo: Tallee Savage

10556522_409505212522362_288735056341686033_nFrom Altair’s 2014 EP – Ice Cream Man>>

PH Andersson – Vocals
Kalle Stenberg – Guitar
Michel Isberg – Guitar
Martin Forsman – Bass
Daniel Hållams – Drums


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Sweden Rock Festival 2012 – part I

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I am quite busy right now with work, kids and you name it. Lot’s of things I need to finish up before my vacation. Besides I have a new problem. My daughter just came home with an injured seagull baby and we are trying to figure out what to do.  So I won’t have a review on the bands I saw this year. Only photos that I hope you enjoy. Just like I did last year, I worked for Borås newspaper and E-taniment news. But I would love to work close with a bigger rock magazine. So if anybody in the business reads this, you know where to find me.

This year it was quite chilly at the festival. I didn’t think about it much, but I can tell you it wasn’t T-shirt weather anyway. However, 33 000 people showed up, contributing to the great vibes to this truly amazing festival. And exactly like last year it was great to meet up with friends and colleagues from all over the world.

Rock On \m/
Tallee Savage

Photos: Tallee Savage
All rights reserved. Copyright © 2012
Use without permission is unlawful




Lemmy Kilmister


Brad Gillis

Joel Hoekstra


Tallee Savage, Photographer and Lina Bruna-Eriksson, writer for Borås Tidning (Newspaper)

Mark Frostenäs   –   Sebastian Bach

My sis Amanda & Björn Åkesson   –   Me and my hubby, Matt

Me and Hanna   –   Hanna, Putte & Lina

Anna Bumbi   –   Me and Anders Tengnér

With Hampus Klang and Peter Rooth

Me, Lina, Hanna & Nippe   –   Martin Forssman

Patrik Carlberg   –   Dee Snider of Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister

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