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In the heart of Mariannelund in Sweden lays a creek in the middle of a flourishing beautiful peaceful forest. That is the place that me and photographer Göran Magnusson chose for this photo session autumn 2011.

I got this burgundy medieval inspired dress at a second-hand store in San Francisco. I believe it is made sometime between 1940s-1960s. It is quite heavy and made of nice quality velvet. The color is really divine.

My daughter Elizia loving every inch of the forest. Enjoying the great number of insects and animals.

he he he… Two funny photos. Elizia with biiig curious eyes and my husband Matt checking out the skull.

Dark Ages

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Jörgen shot these photos of me and my noble knight in the mist of dawn, in the Norra Kvill national park. A small troll-forest in the county of Småland that has been untouched for ages. You can’t see the gnomes and fairies but you can certainly feel their presence here. This virgin forest has not been logged for over 150 years and some of the pines are 350 years old. A rich flora and enormous boulders covered with moss. Perfect environment for some medieval pictures.

-Click pics to enlarge-

Models: Tallee & Mattias Savage
Photo: Jörgen Lundh
Graphics: Mattias Savage

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