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Electric Boys at Rival Theatre

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Electric Boys Logotype

Me and my friend Jen had a special invitation to the presentation of Electric Boys new album at the eminent Rival Hotel owned by Benny Andersson, the ABBA legend.

The hotel has a gorgeous movie theater where Electric Boys played their new songs for the first time. First thing that struck me was how beautiful the backdrop was. The layout, logo and colors. Really eye-catching. Their whole appearance and performance was very cool and groovy. Conny brings my thoughts to  Jimi Hendrix. A loud psychedelic rock star with a very compelling way of playing. Together as  a group they are tight and their live act is a versatile mix of storytelling and music.

The first half of the set with the new songs and the second half with the old . Can’t say that I’ve ever been to  a concert where I enjoyed songs that I had never heard before so much. They were really awesome and I can’t wait for the new album to come out. I will be back with the release date as soon as I find out. I did find out what the names of my favorite new songs were though. Father Popcorn’s Magic Oysters, Sometimes You Gotta Go Look For The Car, Nowhere To Go But Up and Reeferlord.

A little bit about the group: Electric boys is one of the first bands from the funk-metal-psychedelia-phenomenon of the ’80s & ’90s. They formed in 1988. They have made four albums and one “Best of” that was released on 2009.

This is simply brilliant. I would try to catch a show if I were you. For tour dates check Electric Boys MySpace/ web page

Electric Boys, Conny, Andy

Two pics of Conny Bloom and Andy Christell that I took in Västerås 2009.

— • —

With Conny Bloom And Mats Levén – I also want to have curly hair : )

— • —

(Left) With Stevie Klasson, of Stevie Klasson’s Black Weeds & Diamond Dogs. (Right) My new friend Erik Stenemo (Melody Club & Casablanca) Aaaawesome guy. With a big investigation to pursued; Who bought that mysterious shot?

— • —

Jen’s and my fingers shows that we are making a statement. Can´t remember what about though.

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The boys themselves (Photo: Micke Johansson)

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