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The Unauthorized Yngwie Biography in English

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Sample of chapter 9. The story about our life in Sweden, right before we left for the US and the early days in LA, living in the infamous “Steeler mansion”. Download the teaser >>


The english version of the book is finally here! After receiving hundreds of messages and e-mails from Yngwie’s fans worldwide, I understand that the anticipation and hunger for the english version was longed for. Anders Tengner’s unauthorized biography is about Yngwie’s adolescent years. School, hobbies, struggle, drugs, love, mischiefs, achievements. Who did he play with? How many hours a day? What influences did he have?  What possessed him to do the things he did? How did he finally make it and what was he like before he became “Yngwie the guitar God”?

Behind my participation:
“- I have kept my memories and diaries all of these years. Never had a reason to share or speak out really. But I changed my mind when Anders Tengner contacted me because I knew he would print only my words and nothing but the truth. Anders is a solid top rock journalist, actually one of the greatest we have in Sweden and with an impeccable reputation and knowledge. Last but not least, he is a friend. Yngwie and me spent time at his apartment back in 1980/1981. He wasn’t at all after any dirt digging or rumor mongering, he simply wanted the truth and would not settle for any “maybies” or “approximate” dates. He made me empty my mother’s whole cellar and attic to find the diaries to get exactly the right dates for all the things Yngwie did during the years we were together”.

The book is based on interviews from more than 60 people who stood closest to him during many years. Girlfriends, wives, teachers, band members etc. You will find yourself reading a lot of sad, disturbing and rather depressing things really :( But then again, while I was reading it… I could not help thinking that there are so many wonderful things also. All the funny and crazy shit he did. Many times I’d fold myself double laughing, but then of course I was there to experience a lot of those incidents as well. Yngwie was just plain hilarious and fantastic… most of the time. It brought many personal memories back for sure!

Now… the stories about our years together obviously moved people in Sweden who read the book, because I have been inundated with beautiful messages from strangers about my involvement in the book. Thank you very much. I appreciate you sharing that :). Please feel welcome to share your thoughts about the english book here as well!

I also know that many fans are reading Yngwie’s own biography that also came out this month. Sad and surprisingly enough, a lot of people who were close to him for many years are not even mentioned. The Yngwie I knew would never do that, therefore I know he was not behind that decision. I have not read his book myself but I know that important band members doesn’t get the time of day and his two ex-wifes Erica and Amber are referred to as a groupies and fans (?). So as you understand both books are from different perspectives. I would say that reading both books will fill in all possible blanks. So when you are done reading, tell us what you think :)

Additional ex-band members and sound engineer are included in the english version: Björn Englen, Pontus Norgren & Mick Cevino


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Yngwie and Lizzy the cat


Photographer on christmas 1987 is Susann Almgren.

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