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Happy Easter session… \m/

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Model: Tallee Savage
Photo: Mattias Savage

2014 © Savage Beauty - Photo: Mattias Savage Wilmenius

2014 © Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

2014 © Savage Beauty - Photo: Mattias Savage Wilmenius

2014 © Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

We had an Easter dinner with both sides of the family (24 people). Conveniently on the same date as my daughter Adina turned 17 years old (Selfie pic below).

Lots of vegetarian food. No, we don’t care about the traditional easter foods. We eat whatever comes to mind that day. My contribution this year was a vegetarian coconut milk stew with spinach and chickpeas and vegetarian meatballs. It took me and my daughter Elizia hours to roll them and it was frustrating at first as they turned out square and flat before we got the hang of it. My son Tim’s Västerbotten’s cheese pie was undoubtedly and unanimously the most popular easter dish this year.

IMG_1102 10276302_10202395106934014_1892720191_n

bild 1 Vegobullar

Adina and Elizia did the baking; Three cakes with little cute marzipan chickens … Goody!

Do you procrastinate?

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Do you procrastinate?
I hate the word Later.
– Can you do your homework?
– Yeah later!
– Can we pay the bills now?
-Sure… later?
-Can you return the stuff I lent you a year ago?
-Yeah, next time around.
-Can you respond to the e-mail I sent you a week ago?
-Sure, I will.
Does this feel familiar?
You know later always really means another day, month, year… or not doing it at all. The procrastinator do not see the advantages in positive outcome of doing things when they are supposed to: On Time! To delay the process of pain? To drop something for something else more comfortable? To accumulate things…until later, later, LATER!  We all know the task, problem, payment, debts or responsibility  vanish … and the pleasure that derives from delaying or putting things off itself just brings pain and problems in the long run. So why postpone? Does it help? Nooo, it rarely does. It adds up pressure. You piss people off, piss yourself off and it builds up guilt. The incomplete work remains. So why wait until the last minute? Why cause others and yourself so much unnecessary anxiety and stress? Disorganized, lazy or too optimistic? I see the same patterns in the same people and it stresses me out…because it involves me, ruins my schedule and it´s just plainly negative behaviour. I’m the opposite and glad to be. I’m not saying I’m a better person… but I’m just organized and put a lot of value in keeping deadlines and promises that I make to others and myself! I feel the satisfaction of having finished the work is a very delightful and fair feeling.
Anyway, I just feel that it´s really a self-sabotaging behaviour, and I also think a lot of people are deceiving themselves when they think that theyhave good reasons for delaying getting on with what they have to do. The procrastinators are experts on the “victim” mindset. They waste their own time and other people’s valtallee-signuable time. The problem will not vanish!! Take care of it NOW if there is no reason stopping you to do so. Really… Life is just too short. Today is the Day, not later, not tomorrow… at least for a lot of things that can be done ; ) So Yeah… Not later – NOW!

Purple view

Fashion of the early 1900s

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The “S” figure of the end of the decade were now replaced with a more natural figure. A straight line adopted and eventually the frills and flounces of the previous decade were gone.
Hats of the era were quite prominent. With masses of flowers and feathers on top of it. They became smaller and flatter as they reached their peak in size early as the 1920s came along.
I love the elegance and eloquent of those contemporary times and felt quite comfortable walking around the studio like a madame. Dress, umbrella and hat from Independent kostym in Stockholm.

If you are curious about the fashion of 1900-1910, watch this video. This kind of Ragtime music had its peak at popularity between 1997 and 1918. The song is called “Maple Leaf Rag” played by Scott Joplin.

© Savage Beauty - Photo: Mattias Savage Wilmenius

© Savage Beauty - Photo: Mattias Savage Wilmenius

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© Savage Beauty - Photo: Mattias Savage Wilmenius  © Savage Beauty - Photo: Mattias Savage Wilmenius

© Savage Beauty - Photo: Mattias Savage Wilmenius

© Savage Beauty - Photo: Mattias Savage Wilmenius © Savage Beauty - Photo: Mattias Savage Wilmenius

Beautiful dresses of the decade

1910blksilshoulders 28e23d7f5da41eb38fb3b1e3f31d21a9 Worth+Gown+1910 Merle-Oberan-wore-this-gorgeous-champagne-colored-empire-gown-in-the-1954-movie-DESIREE

Latex from Skullsmoke

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Good evening everyone! Here I am doing some modeling with a very comfy latex outfit from Scullsmoke. Ideal on a rainy day ;) hi hi hi 

Model: Tallee Savage 
Photo: Göran Magnusson
Graphics: Mattias Savage
Outfit made by Adam Madsen
© Savage Beauty - Photo: Göran Magnusson
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© Savage Beauty - Photo: Göran Magnusson © Savage Beauty - Photo: Göran Magnusson
tallee-stewardess5 © Savage Beauty - Photo: Göran Magnusson

Marie Åkerlund Art

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Marie Åkerlund is an artist from Lotorp in Östergötland. She did an absolutely amazing drawing me. It’s 50×70 cm and for sale on her site. The original photo of me is taken by photographer Göran Magnusson from a photo session we did on the “Day of the Dead” theme. You can see those here>>

Marie has always had a passion for art and she specially likes to portray bands and musicians that makes the kind of music that somehow touched her. The drawings are of the realistic nature made with graphite pencils, but she is adding more and more colors as time passes by. She has plans for an exhibition and is always looking for musicians and artists for inspiration for her art.


Here are some of her outstanding work. To see more or to contact her check out her web page>>

 gitarren 620680_294094450698992_2032355939_o
310774_375217255920044_1914903236_n 1002432_398290230279413_1118229513_n

NYX, The Greek Goddess

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ART BY MICHAEL CALANDRA – Welcome to the world of fantasy and the illustrator of Heavy Metal Art.

I am very proud to show you a painting of me that the great artist Michael Calandra just finished. It is a commission for a lady that wanted a painting of  “Nyx, The Greek Goddess”. Michael said that I immediately came to mind when he got the order. The picture is original taken by photographer: Göran Magnusson

The work he does is primarily made with airbrush, acrylic paint, and colored pencils. Always creating images of a dark and haunting nature. You all should check out his web page. He does amazing work. I simply LOVE IT!

Michael’s fantasy work has been featured in many publications, including the iconic Heavy Metal Magazine, Visual Art Magazine, Airbrush Technique Magazine etc. He has appeared in numerous showroom, tutorials, galleries and books. Michael’s services were also enlisted by the american fantasy author and screenwriter George R. R. through Fantasy Flight Games to work on the series of game cards for “A Game of Thrones” role-playing game.

His work with Ten, Inc. is also well-known in the horror arena, as he worked with most of the original cast of the 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead to create cast signed movie posters and character vignettes. Michaels work can be found all over the world as book cover, cd covers, illustrations, private collections, calendars and licensed images. I will post more of his wonderful art here soon.tallee-sign

He resides in Sylvania, Ohio but his book (published by SQP Publishing), videos, paintings, and prints, are available at the artist’s website :


The work in progress. From the sketch to the painting of the layers and color details!


209220_10151209110984580_433886339_o  46396_10151391280124603_1092631928_n  534311_10151393092709603_1531688229_n

 163348_10151394763519603_1475936697_n 602667_10151254984639580_1087532495_n 184592_10151258047294580_1159866001_n


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When I was a little girl I had a dream of becoming a gym teacher. The fact that I had top grades in physical training was obviously not enough. The competition was heavy and you needed high grades in all subjects to get a degree. But I loved sports in school and I never missed classes. I longed to play basketball, baseball and all the other athletic activities. In the evenings I practiced artistic and team gymnastics. I competed and trained very hard. I was foolish enough to quit when I was 15. As an adult I became a gymnastic instructor and took care of many talented young gymnasts who still compete today. I was also a goalie through my thirties in floorball (innebandy, a popular swedish sport). Oh how I miss those days of sweat, teamwork and the adrenaline rush. Nowadays I settle with workout classes at the gym and belly dancing since many years.

About the images: Not that much to say, except that me, Göran and Mattias are playing around with the light, poses and editing.

Model: Tallee Savage
Photo: Göran Magnusson
Graphics: Mattias Savage

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Alyce Designs (Teal)

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This beautiful evening gown is off-the-shoulder with a radiating beadwork from the Alyce Design company based in Chicago. Alice Hamm has won dozens of industry awards and is nationally recognized for its “Distinguished Excellence” in prom, bridal and special occasions gowns.

I really like the color of this dress. “Teal” is a fancy name for the cross between blue and green. It is a unique color that you don’t find in a lot of items. A very low-saturated color that is believed to have been taken from the small freshwater “Common Teal”, a member of the duck family whose eyes are surrounded by this color.

Photographs of me are taken by photographer Göran Magnusson.

Location is an old barn from 1815 in Mariannelund, Småland in the southern parts of Sweden.

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One of many collaborations with photographer Göran Magnusson. Location is in our studio “Savage Beauty” in Sweden.

Outfit is made from PVC and gloves are made of Latex. Well not much more to say about these pictures except It is very unusual that I have my hair up like this. I kind of feel naked without my hair around my shoulders.


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Doing this photo session brought memories back to our visit to this exotic “Paradise of the Pacific” in 1998. Where we stayed in Honolulu for a week and then took our shortest flight ever (20 min) to Maui and the small village Kihei.
I recall the beautiful hibiscus flowers, colorful fish and green back turtles in the ocean, beaches with palm trees, thick rain forest, breathtaking mountains and cliffs and the pleasant climate caressing you. And of course we attended a traditional Polynesian Luau that was held at sunset with some entertainment from seductive Hula dancers and amazing Samoan fire knife performances!

Ok… So back to reality, these photos are taken by Göran Magnusson in our “Savage Beauty Studio”, with white background and studio lights. Graphic Designer, Mattias, brought me some sand to sink my toes in, the sun and even the Rainbow ;)

– Click images to enlarge –

Model & Make up: Tallee Savage
Photo: Göran Magnusson
Graphics: Mattias Savage

Some pictures from our trip to Hawaii in 1998.

I thought this was a funny sign… beware of turtles crossing.

—–  •  —–

Matt, Tim (8 yrs) and Adina (1 yr) on Waikiki Beach.    –    Hula dancers at a Luau in Maui.

—–  •  —–

Tim (8 yrs) with a friend :)

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