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Adora Batbrat

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Sweden’s own electro-goth princess, with millions of followers all over the world. Adora BatBrat is an icon, an entrepreneur, alternative model, make up guru and a true vampire party girl all the way. This life-size Barbie is violently beautiful, adorably cute, bloody sexy, characteristically quirky. I feel brilliantly inventive and creative working with her each time and you will surely be able to enjoy our many collaborations in the future. We also have a few surprises coming up. But here is our first photo session we did in February— Pink!

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Model: Adora BatBrat
Photo: Tallee Savage
Graphics: Mattias Savage





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Model: Tallee Savage / Jade Jagger Collection
Photo: JenHell


Deep Purple – Mistreated 1974 (California Jam)

Breaking Bad – Grand Finale!

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So I just finished the last part of the last episode of “Breaking Bad”. My GOD … Really, my words can’t come close to describing and giving it justice. This series will assuredly go down as one of the greatest of all time. Furthermore I  can’t even express how impressed I am of the creator Vince Gilligan for finding the best actors for every single part of the whole story makintallee-signg the best character development I’ve seen in a long long time, if not ever. None of whom I’ve seen or heard of before, may I add. I’m melancholic about the fact that is over… really!  If you have not seen it. Do… This is a Masterpiece!

Here is a little introduction:
“Breaking Bad follows the life of Walter White – a high school chemistry teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA – who is thrown a curve ball by fate and is forced to, as the show’s name suggests, break bad. When Walt is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he realizes that he needs to make enough money to ensure that his wife will be able to take care of herself, their handicapped son and their unborn second child when he will not be around to provide – money that cannot be made as a high school teacher. Therefore, he turns to methamphetamine production, in collaboration with Jesse Pinkman, a former high school student of his who he meets again under unlikely circumstances.”



Main characters:
Walter White (Bryan Cranston), Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), Flynn “Walter White Jr” RJ Mitte,
Skyler White (Anna Gunn)Hank Scrader (Dean Norris), Marie Schrader (Betsy Brandt),
Saul Gooman (Bobo Odenkirk), Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito)

Jon Lord – The Trondheim Experiment

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This is a beautiful concert I’d like ALL of you who love Jon Lord to listen to. My friend Christer Lorichs spent hundreds of hours putting together pieces to compile a complete version of Jon Lord’s concert filmed at Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway in 2010. Photos, interviews, footage from the rehearsals etc. Everything is unreleased before and came to life with the blessings of Jon Lord’s family and management.

“The Trondheim Experiment” is the title of this now free web presentation available exclusively through including highlights from Jon Lord’s entire career performed with The Lord Chamber Orchestra, Steve Balsamo and my dear friend Nathalie Lorichs on vocals. The backing band also features members of Opeth. I’m so proud of Nathalie, she enchants with her fairy-like voice on the “Evening song”, Wait A While ” and “The Sun Will Shine Again” which is dedicated to Ronnie James Dio. Opeth’s drummer Martin Axenrot does a spectacular drum solo in the song Gigue… and “Child in Time”, so good it gives me the shivers… A must see!!! Inspirational powers of Jon Lord, onetallee-sign of the true greats of our time that sadly left us July 2012.

Please pass on the link to every Jon Lord and Deep Purple fan out there! >>>


Happy 50th Birthday Yngwie Malmsteen

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I’m thinking about you on this very special day. With a humble smile I am remembering you as a young man. So intensively determined and resolute to show the world what you could do. Despite the setbacks and grief, your tremendous tenacity and fighting spirit took you all the way to the top. I’m very proud of you, my dear friend.

The pictures below are from 1983 on your 20th birthday in our apartment in Laguna Beach. I woke you up with a tape where I’m playing happy birthday on your guitar. A one string, 20 sec. song. I imagine it must have sounded horrific ha ha ha. Newly awake and very happy for the birthday cake that I had made for you. It  had all the important ingredients. Fender, DiMarzio pick-ups and chocolate :) I don’t know if you remember, but you didn’t want to eat it before  showing it off at the rehearsals with Alcatrazz later on that same evening.

In my diary it says that I gave you a cup with your name on it, a burgundy robe, a Jimi Hendrix book, a Dark Crystal book, hair dryer and cookies. Graham Bonnet & Gary Shea gave you toys as birthday presents, since you were the kid in the band, very funny. After Alcatrazz were done rehearsing we all went out for dinner to celebrate your birthday. Perfect ending on a perfect day!

Today you are 50 years old and the living legend you deserve to be. I wish you all the best in life and hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration with your family!


P.S I also want to take this opportunity to congratulate another dear friend in the U.S.A. Happy Birthday DeeDee Keel:)

/// Love Little Savage


yngwie-bday-cake-blow2 yngwie-bday-lizzy2



Androgyne Fashion

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She dresses like a man like a woman! Model “Just Jaz” can really pull anything off… in every sense of the word. Beautiful, interesting and “spartanicly” outspoken. if she has anything to say about any matter… She will. Best of all, Jazz is always up to my crazy ideas ;) … and those never dry out.
Ta Ta
Photo: Tallee Savage
Graphics: Mattias Savage
© Savage Beauty - Tallee Savage
 © Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage
© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage
© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

Interview with Michael Schenker

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Michael’s exceptional guitar playing has kept many people spellbound for over 40 years. He has inspired and influenced other guitar players for decades. Leaving delightful grins on the faces of millions of fans while we still today enjoy his extensive career with the Scorpions, through the immortal classic albums with British legends UFO, to his long going Michael Schenker Group solo achievements.
 The six-string axe-slinger is seemingly enthusiastic and eager to be a passenger as says: “The universe is driving and I tag along”, enjoying the new album “Temple of Rock” and life more than ever.
 Tallee Savage went down memory lane in a long chat with legendary Michael Schenker in an exclusive interview for Rocknytt. He talks about the album, Tour,  developments and expectations and also explains why he is celebrating the era of “Hand Made Rock”.

Read the whole interview on Rocknytt HERE >>

All Photos by: Tallee Savage  •  Graphics: Mattias Savage


© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage © Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

  © Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage Schenker-Savage2


Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock & Lovedrive Reunion Tour 2013 i Sverige.
Buy tickets HERE >>

Schenker-SunHill-Poster-1 Schenker-SunHill-Poster2XXX
Tour posters we made for Christer Wedin’s Sun Hill Production.

The Unauthorized Yngwie Biography in English

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Get it HERE >>

Here’s how to do Kindle on your computer, PC >> or Mac >>

Sample of chapter 9. The story about our life in Sweden, right before we left for the US and the early days in LA, living in the infamous “Steeler mansion”. Download the teaser >>


The english version of the book is finally here! After receiving hundreds of messages and e-mails from Yngwie’s fans worldwide, I understand that the anticipation and hunger for the english version was longed for. Anders Tengner’s unauthorized biography is about Yngwie’s adolescent years. School, hobbies, struggle, drugs, love, mischiefs, achievements. Who did he play with? How many hours a day? What influences did he have?  What possessed him to do the things he did? How did he finally make it and what was he like before he became “Yngwie the guitar God”?

Behind my participation:
“- I have kept my memories and diaries all of these years. Never had a reason to share or speak out really. But I changed my mind when Anders Tengner contacted me because I knew he would print only my words and nothing but the truth. Anders is a solid top rock journalist, actually one of the greatest we have in Sweden and with an impeccable reputation and knowledge. Last but not least, he is a friend. Yngwie and me spent time at his apartment back in 1980/1981. He wasn’t at all after any dirt digging or rumor mongering, he simply wanted the truth and would not settle for any “maybies” or “approximate” dates. He made me empty my mother’s whole cellar and attic to find the diaries to get exactly the right dates for all the things Yngwie did during the years we were together”.

The book is based on interviews from more than 60 people who stood closest to him during many years. Girlfriends, wives, teachers, band members etc. You will find yourself reading a lot of sad, disturbing and rather depressing things really :( But then again, while I was reading it… I could not help thinking that there are so many wonderful things also. All the funny and crazy shit he did. Many times I’d fold myself double laughing, but then of course I was there to experience a lot of those incidents as well. Yngwie was just plain hilarious and fantastic… most of the time. It brought many personal memories back for sure!

Now… the stories about our years together obviously moved people in Sweden who read the book, because I have been inundated with beautiful messages from strangers about my involvement in the book. Thank you very much. I appreciate you sharing that :). Please feel welcome to share your thoughts about the english book here as well!

I also know that many fans are reading Yngwie’s own biography that also came out this month. Sad and surprisingly enough, a lot of people who were close to him for many years are not even mentioned. The Yngwie I knew would never do that, therefore I know he was not behind that decision. I have not read his book myself but I know that important band members doesn’t get the time of day and his two ex-wifes Erica and Amber are referred to as a groupies and fans (?). So as you understand both books are from different perspectives. I would say that reading both books will fill in all possible blanks. So when you are done reading, tell us what you think :)

Additional ex-band members and sound engineer are included in the english version: Björn Englen, Pontus Norgren & Mick Cevino


tallee-yngwie_frisco-web Yngwie-tallee_X-mas1987-web


Yngwie and Lizzy the cat


Photographer on christmas 1987 is Susann Almgren.

1930’s Fashion

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The devastating stock market crash in 1929 was severe and the great depression which followed persisted throughout major parts of 1930’s and affected all western industrialized countries. Widespread unemployment, near halts in industrial production a huge percent of decline in stock prices. But strangely enough the economic crisis did not stop people from going to the movies to see the big stars. Maybe this was a way to flee the depression for a few hours. This decennium has nostalgically been stamped as “The Golden Age of Hollywood”. With popular genres like gangster, western and social realism films. Stars such as Ingrid Bergman, Zarah Leander, Ginger Rogers, Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich are the contemporary style icons. The film’s significance for beauty care was ravishing and grand. However a lot of beauty expertise emigrated from Paris to Hollywood  and the fascism advent and mass unemployment were reflected in fashion and colors. The cosmetic industry flourishes. The “Snow White” pale skin lost status and tanned did not anymore mean that you where a “country girl” or had to work outdoors, it now meant that you had affordable times spent on the beach and in nature. 1930’s look was healthy!
This is a collaboration I did with Tifa Högberg from the magazine “Min Boudoir”, my sister Amanda Martinez from Independent Kostym and the beautiful model Angela Eldh.

Amanda is a very talented stylist which I have done a numerous of projects with. Here she explains about the fashion, styling and couture:

Amanda-30-tal“In costume history I have a number of favorite eras but the 30’s is absolutely one of my dearest. I am simply crazy about the Glamour years and what follows here is just a brief on some of all the wonderful things that went on in fashion. Creators adapted to the crisis in various ways, for instance by using the cheaper and improved easy-care materials that were now at hand.  Despite the harsh economy, 30’s fashion is actually characterized by glamor and elegance – largely inspired by luxury and flair that swept in from Hollywood through the big screen.

The 20’s boyish look stepped out of the picture and women’s silhouette now returned to a more feminine shape, still slim but with bust and waist back in their right place.  The ideal figure was tall and slender and by using pliable fabrics, adding frills and applying draping and bias cutting techniques designers obtained the wavy, smooth and figure-embracing lines pursued. Skirts reached down to mid calf, were often tightened over the hips and flared at bottom”.  //Amanda Martinez

© Savage Beauty
Some 1930’s characteristics: Butterfly arms, the tie detail in the neckline and the asymmetrical
closure of the blouse. The wide flapping pants and of course the hat – nice and elegantly tilted.


1930-6-logo_2 1930-4

Halter necks and backless garments were highly in fashion, especially in evening wear.
For our session I chose a shimmering gown that exposes the models pearl string adorned back,
another classic and simply enchanting detail often that was often seen in this decade.


Some brief information on the make up fashion:

Eyes of the 1930s were defined, but much more modestly than the previous decade.  Apply eyeliner in black or brown to your upper lid and a very fine line along the edge of your bottom lid.  Don’t go all the way around the eye. The typical eyebrow look of the 1930s were thin, arched brows, well-defined, extending toward the temple. If you don’t wish to change your brow shape, you must at least make sure that they are well-kept and cleanly plucked.  Brush them gently into place with a brow brush, if you have one.  You may also dress them with petroleum jelly or olive oil for a shiny effect.  If your brows are pale, darken them with a pencil.

For a glossy daytime look, you can apply a very small amount of petroleum jelly or olive oil to the eyelids (to match your shiny eyebrows).  For a more alluring evening look, I like a light, shimmery shadow paired with a dark gray or brown eyeshadow.  However, there were many shades of shadows in the ’30s, ranging from green, blue, violet, orchid, and brown.  Eyeshadow was applied from the top eyelid up toward the eyebrow.

24165047-jabM6Photo and Make up: Tallee Savage
Costume stylist: Amanda Martinez
Wardrobe: Independent Kostym
Hair: Tifa Högberg
Graphics: Mattias Savage
Model: Angela Eldh
Published in: Min Boudoir #5

Happy Easter 2013

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Just got back from a wonderful Easter dinner at my sister Amanda and her husband Björn. I have eaten so much chocolates … num-num.

Tomorrow we will visit Maj-Britt and Stickan for the same procedure as every year :) …and some more chocolates :D

I leave you with a picture I took of my daughter traditionally dressed as a Påskkärring (Easter witch). In Sweden kids paint their faces, carry a broom and knock on neighbours doors for treats, like the american kids do fortallee-sign Halloween. After that they fly of with their broomsticks to dance with the devil at Blåkulla (the Brocken) according to the Folklore.

Hope you all have wonderful Easter Holiday!

© Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

Photo: Tallee Savage
Graphics: Mattias Savage


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