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IMPERA “Legacy of Life”

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The Debut album from Sweden’s IMPERA “Legacy of Life” release date today, 19:th October 2012

Photography & Make up:  Tallee Savage
Art work on album cover and sleeve: Carl André
Graphics on the promo pics: Mattias Savage

“For a Hard Rock fan who enjoys plenty of hooks with tight chops there should be nothing here that is a let down”
” These guys involved in this project are all pros and their experience should shock no one, hence the quality of the songs on record”
/ Global Minds album review

Article & album review from Japanese magazine Burrn >>>

Album review from Metal Kaoz >>>

J.K. Impera (drums) • Matti Alfonzetti (vocals) •  Mats Vassfjord (bass) • Tommy Denander (guitar)


Photo & Make up: Tallee Savage
Graphics: Carl André /


Photo & Make up: Tallee Savage
Graphics: Mattias Savage /


1. Turn My Heart To Stone 2. Kiss Of Death 3. Break The Law 4. Shoot Me Down 5. Sunset Rider 6. Tell me 7. More Than Meets The Eye 8. Is This Love 9. Show Me The Money 10. Dead-End Street
(Via Escape Music)

More about the band & an album teaser:

Vic Heart

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A friend of mine, guitar player Tommy Denander, got in touch with me a while back about a new project he had going on. Tommy is constantly looking for new talents to develop and get signed. The way he explained it; “Nothing has come close to what he knows he found in this 19-year-old artist”.

There are big plans ahead for Vic. Already signed to Dreamsphere recordings and an album on it way recorded at the legendary Capitol B in Hollywood. Mixed as this gets written and with songs targeted to hit the core markets of USA, Europe and Asia. The style is a mix of John Mayer, Keith Urban and Maroon 5.

Tommy is the producer, guitarist and co-writer on this album. He explains further that they are not looking for a quick explosion, a one hit wonder or just a hot topic. The plan is to build a career that will last, due to a unique voice, great music and genuine talent and hard work.

Of course we want to be part of this, at an early stage. Here is the first promo photo for Vic Heart from Savage Beauty. We are in good company. See the cast under the photo.

Photo: Tallee Savage
Graphics: Mattias Savage

This is the cast on the album.

Vinnie Colaiuta (drums) – Sting, Paul McCartney, Steely Dan

George Hawkins jr (bass) – Kenny Loggins, Richard Marx, Fogerty
Tim Akers (keyboards) – Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Faith Hill
Russ Paul (steel guitar, banjo) – Elton John, Rascal Flatts, Gretchen Wilson
Jeff Taylor (accordion) – Bob Dylan, Elton John
CJ Vanston (keyboards) – Celine Dion, Toto, Tina Turner
Steve Porcaro (keyboards) – Toto, Michael Jackson, Cher
Bruce Gaitsch (acoustic guitars) – Madonna, Michael Jackson, Peter Cetera
Timothy B Schmitt (backing vocals) – Eagles
Bobby Kimball (backing vocals) – Toto
Niko Bolas (recording engineer) – Kiss, John Mayer, Neil Young

To get more info and to hear Vic Heart:

Partyin’ n’ stuff

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Brian Robertson, Pub Anchor

Me, Leif Sundin, Brian Robertsson (Thin Lizzy) and my sister Amanda.
— • —

Tallee, Jompa, Matt & Amanda

Sisters and Brothers – Tallee, Jompa, Mattias and Amanda.
— • —

Mimmi and I

Mimmi and I.
— • —

Tallee, Lotta Fischer, Jompa & Jompa Levén

With Lotta Fischer.

Jompa W and Jompa L… Jompa B was also there, but at the bar.
— • —

Denander, Tallee & Erika

With Tommy Denander and Erika.
— • —

Mia & Mats Levén

Mia (Cruicified Barbara) Mats Levén and me.
— • —

Lotta, Michelle & Mano

Lotta and Michelle and me with Mano.
— • —

Mats Levén & Lotta Fischer

schhhh…don’t tell…     Mats Levén says to Lotta… Lotta says – I know noooothing!
— • —

Jocke, Matzon, Tallee

Jocke, me & Mattias at Rocks 7/3-09
— • —

Tallee, Chris Laney

Carin and me (I look very cunningly…hm).
Rock’n roll, Heavy metal´n stuff! (me and Chris Laney).
— • —

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