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Is April hindering the once promising career of Yngwie Malmsteen? Tallee Savage gives her prospective – All That Shreds! Magazine

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This interview of me that “All That Shreds Magazine” published a few days ago, is no longer to be found!

Once again I find myself in this obscure situation where April Malmsteen enforces her power to shut me and other people up! Threats, abuse of power, censorship. Call it what you want… but that’s how I see it.

It is not my intention to bring any harm to Yngwie. I didn’t in the unauthorized book of Yngwie Malmsteen “As Above, So below” that came out a few years ago and I didn’t in the Swedish movie “Så jävla metal” about Swedish Metal produced by Yasin Hillborg, where April actually manages to have the movie withdrawn from the theaters and cut out my parts of the interview and photos. And mind you I merely brought up some very sweet and funny memories and pictures from the past.

Well, now it was brought to my attention that the interview with me by Andrew Catania for “All that Shreds Magazine” is withdrawn from the Internet as well. Criticism is not allowed and the freedom of speech and press do not apply for everybody. So that was that that…

So in response to all you people who have written me and asked me why the interview can’t be found. Now you know why!


Yngwie Malmsteen, Tallee Savage, 1987

Yngwie Malmsteen and Tallee Savage – Christmas 1987


Happy 50th Birthday Yngwie Malmsteen

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I’m thinking about you on this very special day. With a humble smile I am remembering you as a young man. So intensively determined and resolute to show the world what you could do. Despite the setbacks and grief, your tremendous tenacity and fighting spirit took you all the way to the top. I’m very proud of you, my dear friend.

The pictures below are from 1983 on your 20th birthday in our apartment in Laguna Beach. I woke you up with a tape where I’m playing happy birthday on your guitar. A one string, 20 sec. song. I imagine it must have sounded horrific ha ha ha. Newly awake and very happy for the birthday cake that I had made for you. It  had all the important ingredients. Fender, DiMarzio pick-ups and chocolate :) I don’t know if you remember, but you didn’t want to eat it before  showing it off at the rehearsals with Alcatrazz later on that same evening.

In my diary it says that I gave you a cup with your name on it, a burgundy robe, a Jimi Hendrix book, a Dark Crystal book, hair dryer and cookies. Graham Bonnet & Gary Shea gave you toys as birthday presents, since you were the kid in the band, very funny. After Alcatrazz were done rehearsing we all went out for dinner to celebrate your birthday. Perfect ending on a perfect day!

Today you are 50 years old and the living legend you deserve to be. I wish you all the best in life and hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration with your family!


P.S I also want to take this opportunity to congratulate another dear friend in the U.S.A. Happy Birthday DeeDee Keel:)

/// Love Little Savage


yngwie-bday-cake-blow2 yngwie-bday-lizzy2



The Unauthorized Yngwie Biography in English

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Get it HERE >>

Here’s how to do Kindle on your computer, PC >> or Mac >>

Sample of chapter 9. The story about our life in Sweden, right before we left for the US and the early days in LA, living in the infamous “Steeler mansion”. Download the teaser >>


The english version of the book is finally here! After receiving hundreds of messages and e-mails from Yngwie’s fans worldwide, I understand that the anticipation and hunger for the english version was longed for. Anders Tengner’s unauthorized biography is about Yngwie’s adolescent years. School, hobbies, struggle, drugs, love, mischiefs, achievements. Who did he play with? How many hours a day? What influences did he have?  What possessed him to do the things he did? How did he finally make it and what was he like before he became “Yngwie the guitar God”?

Behind my participation:
“- I have kept my memories and diaries all of these years. Never had a reason to share or speak out really. But I changed my mind when Anders Tengner contacted me because I knew he would print only my words and nothing but the truth. Anders is a solid top rock journalist, actually one of the greatest we have in Sweden and with an impeccable reputation and knowledge. Last but not least, he is a friend. Yngwie and me spent time at his apartment back in 1980/1981. He wasn’t at all after any dirt digging or rumor mongering, he simply wanted the truth and would not settle for any “maybies” or “approximate” dates. He made me empty my mother’s whole cellar and attic to find the diaries to get exactly the right dates for all the things Yngwie did during the years we were together”.

The book is based on interviews from more than 60 people who stood closest to him during many years. Girlfriends, wives, teachers, band members etc. You will find yourself reading a lot of sad, disturbing and rather depressing things really :( But then again, while I was reading it… I could not help thinking that there are so many wonderful things also. All the funny and crazy shit he did. Many times I’d fold myself double laughing, but then of course I was there to experience a lot of those incidents as well. Yngwie was just plain hilarious and fantastic… most of the time. It brought many personal memories back for sure!

Now… the stories about our years together obviously moved people in Sweden who read the book, because I have been inundated with beautiful messages from strangers about my involvement in the book. Thank you very much. I appreciate you sharing that :). Please feel welcome to share your thoughts about the english book here as well!

I also know that many fans are reading Yngwie’s own biography that also came out this month. Sad and surprisingly enough, a lot of people who were close to him for many years are not even mentioned. The Yngwie I knew would never do that, therefore I know he was not behind that decision. I have not read his book myself but I know that important band members doesn’t get the time of day and his two ex-wifes Erica and Amber are referred to as a groupies and fans (?). So as you understand both books are from different perspectives. I would say that reading both books will fill in all possible blanks. So when you are done reading, tell us what you think :)

Additional ex-band members and sound engineer are included in the english version: Björn Englen, Pontus Norgren & Mick Cevino


tallee-yngwie_frisco-web Yngwie-tallee_X-mas1987-web


Yngwie and Lizzy the cat


Photographer on christmas 1987 is Susann Almgren.

Article in Magasin Upplands Väsby

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Magsin-Upplands-VasbyPhoto on cover image: Patrik Blom – Models left: Zack Wilmenius & Angelica Jansson.


This is an interview with me made by Anders Tengner for MAGASIN UPPLANDS VÄSBY.
Both in english and Swedish.


eng-flag-1In Upplands Väsby she is more known as Yngwie Malmsteen’s first girlfriend, but she soon made a name for herself as a very unique photographer. Tallee Savage has her photo studio in Sollentuna and the person portrayed always ends up – somewhere else. – It could take days to produce one single fantasy image, she says.

She looks like Morticia from the Addams Family and lives in a house decorated as an old Victorian castle. Her last name is Savage… for real. No wonder she named her company Savage Beauty. But this photographer is everything but creepy. She does however have the predilection for the mystic, romantic horror from 30’s classics and Hard Rock music. The latter is no surprise. Tallee was world famous Swedish guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen’s first girlfriend.
– We met when I was 14 and he was 17 years old. It was at a party at the home of Europe bassist John Leven, Tallee laughs at the memory. I thought only old men were named Yngwie and told him so. He persisted for months about going to the movies. And we eventually did. It turned out to be more than a movie.
In a new book about Yngwie Malmsteen, dealing with the scandal-ridden rock star’s life (“As Above, So Below”) – she talks in detail about how they became a couple. The relationship lasted four years. She moved with him to Los Angeles when he got an offer to move there in 1983. The U.S. is like home to Tallee being half American and half Chilean. She came to Sweden as a refugee from Chile when she was only 10 years old and grew up in Upplands Väsby with two sisters.
– I was among the very first Chilean in Upplands Väsby, smiles Tallee. It was a great place to grow up. I had experienced the hard rock explosion in Upplands Väsby. You know, with Europe and all those bands. I was among the first hard rock girls in Upplands Väsby and wore black clothes and a bandoleer belt to school. Yngwie lived with me for a while in Upplands Väsby. It was great. One week we could celebrate the Chilean Association and listened to Victor Jara and the next there would be parties at the home of the guys in Europe.
She lived there until 1994 when she and her husband Mattias moved to a house in Sollentuna. – The traffic was badly congested towards Väsby, sighs Tallee.
– We wanted to be closer to the city, but did not live there. Sollentuna is close to parks, schools and shops. It invested in youth activities with several sports and gymnastics halls and then we have the Arena-Satellite. It is an operation filled with computers, rehearsal rooms, a recording studio and space for dancing.
The schools in Sollentuna are well-managed and ranks as the best in greater Stockholm. – Sofielundsskolan, where my children attend, is pleasant and has good education. They were one of the first to implement IT in learning and have in a natural way brought the pupils into the school of the future. Furthermore the business climate is good here. We really thrive in Sollentuna.
She has built her business at home which consists of advanced photography and extreme make-up. Among her clients is everything from families who want to eternalize their kids in a different way, to rock bands such as Crucified Barbara, Fatal Smile, and Over The Rainbow with Ritchie Blackmoore’s son. They all want to enhance their visual image. Even internationally acclaimed song writer Andreas Carlsson, guitar legend Michael Schenker, and members from the Swedish hardrock band Europe have posed in front of her camera. The pictures she takes can best be described as photo art, especially after they have been edited by her husband Mattias Savage who touches them up and creates fantasy inciting surroundings and the mystique that is always present in the pictures. The color scheme is attenuated.
– I like Tim Burton, Tallee admits unsurprisingly. His scenography, lighting and picture language is very exciting and dramatic.
The photo studio is located in the bottom floor of the large house. Here one finds a variety of costumes and imaginative props. Tallee is always running around to different swap-meets and finds unique stuff on her trips abroad. It is filled with skulls and monsters, dresses from La Belle Epoque and angel’s wings with genuine feathers, and this style goes through the entire house.
– My daughter brought a friend home one day who said; “Oh, have you already decorated your house for Halloween?,” and my daughter replied; “No, this is how it always looks at our place” Tallee says and laughs.
Even though Tallee has been taking photographs as a hobby since the age of 12, it wasn’t until 2005 that became a professional photographer.
– I learned how to work in a studio and with lighting.  Her business took off seriously after she put her first images on Facebook and got a huge response. Now the customers come frequently.
– Some clients have an idea and we go through it, Tallee says. Other times I can tell by the person what would fit, maybe as a classic Hollywood star. Everybody is excited and no regrets. There is a lot of work behind a fantasy picture. It all depends on what the customer wants!


swe-flag-1I Upplands Väsby blev hon känd som Yngwie Malmsteens första flickvän, men hon fick snart ett namn som en mycket annorlunda fotograf. Tallee Savage har sin fotostudio hemma i Sollentuna, och den som porträtterashamnar alltid – någon annanstans. – Det kan ta dagar att ta fram en enda bild, säger hon.

Hon ser ut som Morticia i familjen Addams, bor i ett hus som är inrett som ett gammalt kråkslott och heter Savage i efternamn. På riktigt. Inte så konstigt att hon döpt företaget till Savage Beauty. Men fotografen är allt annat än läskig. Däremot har hon förkärlek till det mystiska, den romantiska skräcken från 30-talsklassikerna och hårdrock. Det sistnämnda kanske inte är så konstigt. Tallee var svenske världsberömde gitarrvirtuosen Yngwie Malmsteens första flickvän.
–Vi träffades när jag var 14 år och han var 17 år. Det var på en fest hemma hos Europebassisten John Levén, skrattar Tallee åt minnet. Jag trodde bara att gamla gubbar hette Yngve och sa det. Han tjatade i flera månader på att jag ska gå på bio med honom, och så blev det till slut.
Det blev mycket mer än bio. I en ny bok om Yngwie Malmsteen som handlar om den skandalomsusade rockstjärnans liv (“Såsom i Himmelen, så ock På Jorden”) – berättar hon ingående om hur de blev ett par. Förhållandet höll i fyra år. Hon följde med honom till Los Angeles när han fick ett erbjudande att flytta dit 1983. Amerika är nästan hemmaplan för Tallee som är hälften amerikanska och hälften chilenska. Hon kom till Sverige som flykting från Chile när hon var bara 10 år och växte upp i Upplands Väsby med två systrar.
–Jag tillhörde de allra första chilenarna i Upplands Väsby, ler Tallee. Det var ett bra ställe att växa upp på. Jag var med under hårdrocksexplosionen i Upplands Väsby. Du minns, med Europe och flera andra band. Jag var bland de första hårdrockstjejerna i Upplands Väsby och bar svarta kläder och patronbälte till skolan. Yngwie bodde hos mig en tid i Väsby. Det var fantastiskt. Ena helgen var man på fest med Chilenska Föreningen och lyssnade på Victor Jara och helgen därpå festade man hemma hos grabbarna i Europe.
Hon bodde kvar ända till 1994 då hon och maken Mattias flyttade till en villa i Sollentuna. – Det var jobbiga köer ut mot Upplands Väsby, suckar Tallee. Vi ville bo närmare stan, men inte bo i stan. I Sollentuna är det nära till grönområden, skolor och affärer. Det satsas på ungdomsverksamhet med flera idrotts- och gymnastikhallar och så har vi ju Arena-Satelliten. Det är en verksamhet fylld med datorer, replokaler, en musikstudio och utrymme för dans.
Hon fortsätter:
Sollentunas skolor mår bra och rankas som de bästa i länet. Sofielundsskolan, där mina barn går, är trivsam och har god pedagogik. De var tidiga med att införa IT i lärandet och har på ett naturligt sätt fört in barnen i framtidens skola. Dessutom är företagsklimatet bra här. Vi trivs verkligen i Sollentuna.
Hemmavid har hon byggt upp sin verksamhet som består av avancerade fotografier och extrem makeup. Bland hennes klienter finns allt från familjer som vill föreviga sina barn på ett annorlunda sätt till rockband som Crucified Barbara, Fatal Smile och Over The Rainbow med Ritchie Blackmores son. Alla vill de förstärka sin visuella image. Till och med Andreas Carlsson, gitarrlegenden Michael Schenker och medlemmar från Europe har poserat framför hennes kamera.
Bilderna hon tar kan närmast beskrivas som fotokonst speciellt efter de redigerats av hennes man Mattias som efterbehandlar dem och skapar fantasieggande miljöer och den mystik som alltid råder i bilderna. Färgpaletten är dämpad.
– Jag gillar Tim Burton, erkänner Tallee föga överraskande. Hans scenografi, ljussättningar och bildspråk känns väldigt spännande och dramatiska.
Fotostudion ligger i bottenvåningen i det stora huset. Här trängs också en lång rad kostymer och fantasifull rekvisita. Tallee ränner jämnt på loppisar och hittar unika grejor på utlandsresor. Det är inte långt mellan dödskallar och monster, klänningar från La Belle Epoque och änglavingar med äkta fjädrar. Och stilen går, som sagt, igen i hela huset. – Min dotter hade med sig en kompis hem som sa “Jaha, har ni pyntat till Halloween”. Min dotter svarande “Nej, det ser alltid ut så hår hos oss”, säger Tallee och skrattar.
Även om Tallee fotograferat som hobby sedan hon var 12 år, var det först 2005 som hon tog steget att livnära sig som fotograf.
– Jag lärde mig jobba i studio och ställa in ljus. Hennes verksamhet kom igång ordentligt efter hon lagt sina första bilder på Facebook och fick ett enormt gensvar. Nu strömmar kunderna till.
– En del kunder har en idé och vi går igenom den, berättar Tallee. Andra gånger ser jag på personen vad som skulle passa, kanske som klassisk Hollywoodsjtärna. Alla är på och ingen ångrar sig.
Det ligger mycket jobb bakom en avancerad fantasybild. Allt beror på vad kunden vill ha!

Yngwie Malmsteen – Såsom I Himmelen, Så Ock på Jorden

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It has been over a month since the book “Såsom I Himmelen, Så Ock På Jorden” (“As Above, So Below”)  about Yngwie Malmsteen came out. The unauthorized  biography about his, adolescent years. School, hobbies, struggle, drugs, love. Who did he play with, how many hours a day? What influences did he have?  What possessed him to do the things he did? How did he finally make it? And what was he like before he became “Yngwie the guitar God”? Some people are fooled because of the way he appears and behaves. The tragic lack of humility maybe. But he is actually a very smart, funny and gentle guy.

I have kept my memories and diaries all of these years. Never had a reason to share or speak out really. But I changed my mind when Anders Tengner contacted me because I knew he would print out my words and nothing but nothing but the truth. Anders is a solid top rock journalist, actually the greatest one we have in Sweden and with an impeccable reputation and knowledge. Last but not least, he is a friend. Yngwie and me spent time at his apartment back in 1980/1981. He wasn’t at all after any dirt digging or rumor mongering. He simply wanted the truth and would not settle for any “maybies” or “approximate” dates. He made me empty my mothers whole cellar and attic to find the diaries to get exactly the right dates for all the things Yngwie did during the years we were together.

Still, I was nervous when the book finally came out. I was afraid of what I would read, what other people would say about him. Didn’t want my picture of him ripped to pieces nor his reputation slandered. What would his old close friends and prior band members say? The women he met after me. How bad was it? Would they bring all the dirt out to the open? So they did! Lots of very sad stories there. Very disturbing and depressing to read :(

But while I was reading it… I could not help thinking, that there are so many wonderful things also, that other people said and all the funny and crazy shit he did. I fold my self double laughing because I was there to experience it all and because he was just plain hilarious and fantastic! … Most of the time. It brought many personal memories back of course.

The part about our years together obviously moved people, because I have been inundated with beautiful messages and e-mails from strangers about my involvement in the book. I appreciate it very much that my words made some people understand a little bit more about the early years and parts of what was/is behind the character of Yngwie.

Take care and have a wonderful week :)

Oh … A lot of people are wondering if and when the book will come out in english. It sure will. I will keep you posted about the exact date!

Fittingly enough I also took the photo of Anders Tengner for the inlay of the book.

Anders Tegner – the author                        Yngwie & me in 1988 (Photo: Susann Almgren)

You can buy the book here (Swedish) >>>

Leopard Monokini

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Over 3 000 people visited my blog yesterday. I underestimated the power of the internet and did not think my blogging about Yngwie Malmsteen would stare up so much commotion. I want to thank everybody for checking in and for those sending me pm’s about the matter. I got lots of inquiries about posting new photos of him. And I will, some other time.

Today is a new day and I hope to put all this nonsense and so-called “luxury problems” behind me. So I’m posting my latest photo session I did with photographer Jan Monsen.

I am wearing a monokini. Which is something between a bathing suit and a bikini. I got the shoes at Irvine Spectrum down south of L.A and the jewelry is from Venice Beach.

Have a lovely day or night, depending on where you are : )

“DRAMA QUEEN” by Jayce Landberg feat. Göran Edman

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Got together with some friends of mine outside of Stockholm and put together a little rock video. No budget and mostly for fun. Turned out pretty good though. I did the make up.

Guitar player is Jayce Landberg and you can read more about him on his official site Göran Edman is known to everybody who knows their rock. But in case you don’t know he used to sing with Yngwie Malmsteen and John Norum Band. Great human being and one of my favourite singers.

Steve Vai – Tender Surrender

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The first time I heard of Steve Vai was when he replaced Yngwie in Alcatrazz back in 1984. Due to his desire to begin a solo career, Yngwie quit in 1984 and formed his own band, Rising Force. Everybody said that Graham Bonnet had blown it for losing this new upcoming guitar hero. Who was to replace him now? Well, Steve Vai (former Frank Zappa guitarist) did a very good job filling those big shoes. Truly the most inventive guitar player I had ever heard who frankly sounds like nothing else.

After Frank Zappa, Steve Vai toured with numerous artists like; Alcatrazz, David Lee Roth and Whitesnake.

"Passion and Warfare" is amongst Steve Vai's best work to date. Released 1990.

Now, this video is more up to date and it just blows me away. What a magnificent totally bluesy, or better yet characterized as quirky, guitar playing. Mind you, he is a very, very, very smooth guy. Very conscious about his hair here. Ha ha ha, you must see this. Watch and enjoy. And don’t miss the unbeatable last note. How cool is this?

Vintage Gothic (featuring Harper the cat)

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I heard rumours about Harper the cat being somewhat of a ladies man. What an adorable kitty with extraordinary personality. He loved my long finger nails, and was nice enough to pose with me when photographer CJ Bartis took the pics.

– Click pics to enlarge –

Harper The Cat, Tallee Savage, Chris Bartis Harper The Cat, Tallee Savage, Chris Bartis


Tallee Savage, Harper The Cat, CJ Bartis Tallee Savage, Harper The Cat, CJ Bartis



I love cats and their attitude, the mystique and myth around them. The domestication of the cat is believed to have taken place later than that of others animals, maybe that is the reason a cat has retained it’s independent attitude. I love all animals but few have inspired me as much as cats. Growing up in Chile I always had animals like cats, dogs, chickens and lizards around me.

But the mystery surrounding the cat has always enchanted me. I also find it interesting that different societies at different times reviled cats as an instrument of Satan or feared as part of magical or occult rites. Traces of these beliefs persist in everyday superstitions and imagery. This brings even more mystique to them.

Sphynx cat

Not even the naked sphynx cat would have worked. Since the mites are mostly in the skin.

I was devastated to find out that I had asthma at the age of eighteen. Just like that! Out of nowhere… I found myself out of breath in early mornings and would cough constantly, so called nocturnal asthma. Thinking this was a regular cold, I ignored it for months. A final visit to the doctor left me in absolute chock. I could not believe this was true. Asthma? Say what?… Not me? I told my cat Mozart not to worry. That the doctor-dude was wrong. After another six months of wheezing I gave up. The godforsaken, 420 micrometers in length and 250 micrometres in width, mites in the kittys skin & hair were making my life hell. I was crushed to see Mozart pack his little suitcase and move to my mom’s house.

So… I left a life of cuddly warm-blooded animals, feeling very depressed and sorry for myself. Little did I know how much joy cold blooded animals would bring to my life. I will tell the story of our Iguana Fafne some other day.

I will always have a hole in my life without these beautiful creatures. But at least I can still cuddle and stay with them for a few hours without getting asthma.

– Here are some pictures of the cats in my life. –

Yngwie and Lizzy the cat

(Left) Lizzy with her Mon Chi-Chi hat. Lizzy moved with me and Yngwie to the U.S.A in 1983. And check this out, she was inside the plane in a seat next to us. I guess those were times when allergies were not as common as today, at least no one talked about it like you do these days. Lizzy’s mom was a persian cat and dad was a celtic shorthair (= bondkatt).

(Right) I took this photo of Yngwie and Lizzy when we were living in (the not so good parts of) Hollywood back in 1983. Later on we got Lizzy a friend and called him Bach.

— • —

Margarita the cat

This is Margarita in 1984. My family had her for 14 years.

— • —

Mozart the cat

Talk about personality. Mozart was a wonderful and an odd cat. No doubt he suffered from ADHD. He had all the symptoms, like being easily distracted, frequently switching from one activity to another, wouldn’t listen when spoken to, constantly in motion. All those things. He was born august 10, 1986 and past away April 22, 2002 – 17 years old. He lived most of his time with my mom, since my asthma got worse.

I sent this photo to a contest that Findus had and it was one of the 10 winners out of 700 competitors. The price was to get this photo published in the magazine Cats along with 20 big cans of cat food : )

Marcel Jacobs – Rest in peace, my friend

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Marcel Jacobs, Rest in peaceI was in L.A when I received the tragic news of my friend Marcel Jacob. He took his own life after many years of personal and health issues he was battling from. I was in chock and very, very sad. It took me a couple of hours to think rational and start calling other close friends and Marcels sisters. What a horrific day for his family.

I met Marcel back in 1980. Yngwie introduced me to him. Since that day Marcel was always involved in my life, one way or the other. Both my exboyfriends have played with him for many years. And we just kept in touch over the years. Marcel was a self written guest on all my big occasions over the years. Birthdays, children’s baptisms, weddings, new years eves. So even if we did not speak everyday… he has always been there.

A quiet and gentle soul. A very bright and intelligent man with a huge passion for his work. The songs and memorys he left us to remember him by, his unique persona and the music he wrote.

I have many fond memories of Marcel. Here are a few;

Yngwie, Marcel and I used to go to the cinema three times a week in the 80’s. The scene was always the same. We liked the movie, but Marcel did not. Or we hated the movie and Marcel thought it was great. I would tell him that he was impossible. Today many years later I understand that Marcel needed more challenge. The movies we sometimes watched were below his intelligence. As Yngwie and I were lyric about this certain horror movie, Marcel would cross his arms and just said… “but why, I found it quite boring”. Thinking back today… he was right. But ofcourse, many times I think he just did it to piss Yngwie off.

On another occasion where he and his girlfriend, Madeleine, spent the night at my parent’s home and decided to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, both covered in a large white sheets with only little bit of their faces showing. Ofcourse my mom had the same idea and they bumped in to each other in the dark, and they all screamed hysterical and ran across the apartment. The rest of the house ofcourse woke up wondering what the hell was going on. We laughed about this so many times years after.

It is hard for me to believe that you are gone, Marcel. Hopefully you are in peace today. You will not be forgotten, my friend.

Love, Tallee

Marcel Jacobs, Tallee Savage

Marcel and I at my 40th birthday.

— • —

Marcel Jaocbs at rehearsal 1984

This pic is taken in the rehearsal studio, when he played with the group Power in 1984.
Something amused him very much, but I cant remember what today.

— • —

This pic is the first gig Yngwie and Marcel did back in, 28 august 1981. It was a club called Domino. On drums was Kjelle Ericsson. It was me and 25 other people in the audience. We understood and enjoyed : )

— • —

This is the fourth concert by Rising Force. October 16, 1981. It is in my little hometown Upplands Väsby. In a place called Centrumgården. Rising Force had just gotten a singer, Michael “Basil” Uppman and Yngwie could concentrate on the guitar. I remember Marcel being content, as the audience was close to 60 people.

— • —

Michael and Marcel looking at Yngwie… thinking…- What the hell is he doing now?

— • —

Gig nr 8 – 19 mars 1982 –  Also in Upplands Väsby, Grimstaskolan – Yngwie schredding and Marcel claping the beat.

— • —

Marcel, Jeff Scott Soto and Fredrik Åkesson – TALISMAN 1992

Some words about Marcel from Jeff Scott Soto here>>

— • —

Watch “Mysterious” from the album “Genesis” by TALISMAN

Marcel shredding!!!

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